Friday, September 30, 2011

Seven Days to Go!

I got a fair amount done last night, here's a few snapshots of things as they are...

Here's the Incubi and Urien all based and ready to go. Urien is a creepy mo-fo!

I realized I'd forgotten to finish my ghetto-Wracks. These are some of my old Warriors with their heads chopped off. I cut the horns off some extra Fantasy Chaos Warrior heads and stuck them on there...kind of cool looking as torturers apprentices! The blades are just bits from guns and random CCWs that the old warriors had. Ghetto, but definitely gets the point across! Note my "old" color-scheme (terracotta and bone) on them and the warriors.

Here's the rest of the warriors, all squad-ed up and ready! Yellow, Orange, and Purple Teams!

And here's a near-finished Venom. I think it looks really decent from this distance, but up close my highlight-trim is HORRIBLY sloppy. I don't have steady hands at all at 10pm after pounding coffee and Mt. Dew all day! Still, it gets the point across and is very respectable, I think. I need to do some bone trim on the Gunners, and maybe purple gems (like on the Incubi) on the gemstone-things on the Venom.

Note my flags on the Venoms so I know which squad is in which. The Wracks don't get a flag, they just get a lot of skulls. Weirdos.

Here's some close-ups of how horrible the trim looks...embarrassing, but maybe someone can give me some tips/pointers on how to do this without making a mess? :)

So tonight after football I do the trim on the other three Venoms, then do some bone on their gunners and do their canopy things, and they're DONE. Then on to what is probably the bulk of the work, the Hellions and Reavers!

Seven more days!

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