Monday, September 26, 2011

Dark Eldar Painting: Work in Progress

Well, here it is less than 2 weeks from the tournament, and I'm not even three-color legal yet. It's going to be a lot of long painting nights ahead to get these guys done to the level I want them to be!

I did come up with a relatively fast way to do the Incubi that will not only get them pretty in a relatively short time, but make them stand out amongst my army.

They were spray-primered black. Two coats of Bleached Bone (three in some spots). The tabard is Vermin Brown. Then heavy Sepia wash over the whole thing. Drybrush Bone again.

Next step will be to highlight with white, finish the sword (I'm not sold on the green yet, I might do purple; or maybe blue. Oh, decisions!) and do the little dangly details on those goofy things on their backs.

I've also done some work on Urien Rakarth. I'll be using this model as my guys is a 50 point pain-token with no wargear at all, but this model is just too cool.

Same palette as the Incubi, with a dark grey chest piece (simillar to what the Reavers and Hellions are wearing). I've got to figure out what I want to do with his skull (is it bone, or metal?), and paint up all the extra parts he's affixed to himself: red, blue, and green tubes, hoses, and injectors.

I like the combination of colors, and like how Urien's skin came out. He's a creepy looking guy!

So the rest of the weeks plan is to get the dry brush/highlights done on the Incubi, do their Swords, and do their decorations and small details. Urien needs his skull and accoutrements done. Then I'll base these guys. That gets me to everything three-color and based. All the Warriors are still done from a few years back.

Then I have some work to do to the Venoms. Their engines, skull-parts, and gunners need to be finished, and their canopies need to be glued on and painted...simple black with metal ribbing, nothing fancy.

Then all the Venoms, Reavers, and Hellions are getting two more layers of washing/inking on their bodies. I did a test Reaver last week (wish I'd taken a photo!) and the color gets so vibrant and deep, I'm excited.

That's this week, and should be do-able if I can budget a few hours every night after the kids are in bed. After that part, it's extra credit, but I have a lot of things I want to do.

First thing is blacking out all the metal parts on skyboards and then getting them done. Then all the Hellion and Reaver riders need to have their armors finished (wash, highlight, etc). Hellions need to have their weapons done (I still haven't come up with a color for the shafts of their weapons, but I'm leaning towards a light Grey with purple gems).

Then, if I can get all that done, I'll do the highlight on all the Reavers, Skyboards, and Venoms. If I can get that done, I think my paint score won't be bare minimum. So, hopefully the wife and kids will cooperate and allow me some time, but at least I'm almost done with three-color minimum and won't have to consider breaking the Orks out of retirement!


  1. I like your bone colour and so simple to do too :D
    although the yellow on the swords seem out of place from the natural brown/bone/green colours.
    looking forward to see the rest!

  2. Thanks man! To be honest, I'm not liking the green/yellow much either. I blacked over that guy (my "test subject", as the Haemonculus would say) and plan to re-do the swords tonight. Hopefully more pics soon! I really appreciate the comment!