Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last Night before NOVA!

NOVA has come, and I'm still not done painting! I have to finish repairing one more guy (I'm rough on my toys!) and paint a new Herald of Tzeentch on a Disc...and it has to get done tonight, because there will be no time tomorrow!

I'm leaving my house before 7am on Thursday, to ride down with my friends from Battle for Salvation, and I'll have football practice until 9pm on Weds...so...this is it! A quick wash or two, some gold and silver parts, boney horny parts, and he's done! I'm not a perfectionist...

So, I've settled on a list that focuses on killer DPs and a (hopefully) just-big-enough Screamer-star with (hopefully) just-enough-rolls on Divination for Forewarning:

Tzeentch Herald (Level 2, Disc)
Tzeentch Herald (Level 3, Disc, Exalted)
Tzeentch Herald (Level 3, Disc, Exalted)
10 Horrors
10 Horrors
10 Horrors
7 Screamers
Daemon Prince (Tzeentch, Wings, Armor, Level 3, Two Greater Rewards, Lesser Reward)
Daemon Prince (Tzeentch, Wings, Armor, Level 3, Two Greater Rewards, Lesser Reward)

No surprises, nothing flashy, in fact it will probably play extremely boring. But, it's my Daemons, it's the only Daemon build I feel comfortable using (in other words, I think non-Screamerstar lists will not do well...I reserve the right to be proven wrong!)

A shout to my friends Neil and Pat at the 11th Company Podcast who will be "live-casting" the top tables for the Invitational and Open all weekend. I invite you to check it out, though I assure you you'll not be watching me! The livestream can be found HERE.

For the record, my goal in the Invitational (which has an AMAZINGLY tough field of players!) is to NOT be the 0-5 guy!
My goal for the GT is to make one of the top two brackets, in other words to go at least 3-1 for the first part!

Wish me luck, hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NOVA cometh: Practice RTT at Gaming, Etc

Football season has started, leaving me very little play time, and virtually no blogging time. For those that don't know, I help coach my son's Pop Warner football team...I rush home from work, drag him to practice, deal with 7-9 year-olds that would rather be playing video games until 8pm, coaches talk, home to feed and shower the kids, and I'm not sitting down for myself until 9:30 or so...by then I don't want to do anything but eat and sleep!

So, I've not done anything new or exciting since Connecticon...until now, that is! My friend Brendan ran a "NOVA Practice Tournament" this past weekend at Gaming, Etc in Stratford, CT. For a relatively small venue, there was a great turnout with some of the region's biggest names attending: Sean Nayden; Alex Fennel; Kurt Clauss; Mike Morales; Jawaballs; Werner Born...Nick Nanavati was going to come, but he heard I was going so wimped out. :) (Actually he had family obligations, but I reserve the right to ruthlessly talk shit!)