Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend painting...just 4 (and a half) painting days to go!

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked, but the situation isn't horrible!

Hellions: basecoat only.

I started the weekend working on the Hellions. I got a second layer of ink wash done on their boards (the really have a nice deep lustre from the ink, which doesn't show up in the photos at all...sorry!)

Is it a man or a woman?!
I did black washes (two coats) on their "armour", trying to make it look like leather. It came out pretty decent. Then did the metal parts, hair, and bone details.

Three different hair colors: green, blue, and purple. Boltgun Metal for the splinter pods and hellglaives. Tinbitz for the engines and facemasks (which look horrible, but too late to sweat it).

The Baron gets a different hair color and some spikey parts on his board.

And he stole someone's foot....I mean, I've heard of having a foot fetish, but really? You kept a foot?!

Everyone has to have a hobby, I guess. I collect plastic dolls, he collects feet. Judge not...

So all that's left I'd like to do for the Hellions is edging on their Skyboards.

I got some stuff done to Reavers also, but didn't get photos. Their ink washes are done. Their metal parts are done. Their armour is done. Basecoat is on their hair (only a few of them have hair, no big deal there). Left for them is bone parts on armour and skull decorations; heat lances; some unit markings, and the edging.

There's no football practice tonight, so I'm hoping to get started by 8pm and get a solid 2 hours of painting in. I should get everything done except edging on everything (that includes doing the bone bits on Venom Gunners' armours) and start on the edging. I can hopefully finish up the edging through the week, and have everything pretty much done by Friday! If I'm done by Thursday night, I'll work a half day then go see the doubles tourney and cheer for my Ordo Ineptus brothers (James and Brian); if I'm not done I'll take Friday off work and paint until finished, then go. I've got a hotel room reserved for Fri and Sat night, sharing with Sean.

Now that the Hellions are near-done, I think I'm going to make a change to the Helliarch. She's got an Agonizer, but the more I use it the more I hate it. It's 15 points for an average of 1 wound on the charge. Meh. There have been so many times in practice Vassal games where I've thought it would be cool and fun to have the Stunclaw, so I'm going to go ahead and try it. I might regret it, but it's fun and fluffy. If nothing else it gives me the option to Hit & Run after my assault phase, and remain safe from shooting.

Hopefully more photos tonight of Reavers in progress!!

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  1. You call him weird... you say you collect plastic men. Actually, you collect plastic men that collect feet. Now think about how weird you are!.