Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battle Report - Bobby's Ultramarines vs. Daddy's Orks!

He's been helping Daddy play for many years, and has had some simple games, but now we're diving in to real game rules, mechanics, and starting to learn really how to play!
Yes, it's a kid's train table...perfect!

He likes his Space Marines, but suffers from Chapter ADD (no doubt influenced by his father, who constantly shows him all the different cool chapters: "these are Grey Knights, they're powerful; and these are Space Wolves, you're not allowed to play either of them!"

He's currently planning on painting his things Ultramarine Blue, but daddy may push him to play Dark Angels - Deathwing. We'll see. Either way, last weekend we had our first game with his Assault Marines. We aren't using real Forces yet, I'll start letting him use an HQ after a few more games with multiple units with different weapons for him to learn to understand.

For this small battle, he used a tactical marine squad with a missile launcher and flamer. Nice, simple, and straightforward. He also had a 5-man Assault squad with a flamer, and the Sgt had a power fist.

He wanted to fight daddy's Orks, so I had a mob of about 25 boyz with a power-klaw nob, and 2 warbikers + powerklaw biker nob.

All our finished terrain is at the FLGS, so we just had a wrecked Predator, and a couple unfinished pieces to put down. I put them in the middle of the table so he'd get to practice evaluating line-of sight.

I won the roll and chose to go first, deploying with the mob centrally behind the hill, with the bikers behind the power plant.

He decided to keep his full squad intact instead of combat-squadding. I asked him why, he said he thought he'd be better to have 10 guys together vs. my big horde instead of small groups...pretty sound thinking, IMO!

 I went first, and ran the boyz up through the valley between the hill and power plant. We'd decided the hill would be Difficult Terrain, so I funneled around it. The Bikers went around the other side of the power plant.

Bobby was very quick to recognize that he could assault me this turn. I had emphasized how much stronger orks are when they charge him, so he was intent on not getting charged. He considered briefly focusing on the bikes, but I pointed out to him that there were only 3 guys on bikes, but a couple dozen on foot...I asked him which was the most dangerous, and he rightly decided to get the big mob.

He jumped the assault troops up on the hill, passing all Dangerous Terrain tests, and moved up his tactical squad ready to flame me down.

The flamers and bolt pistols take a terrible toll, and he assaulted in perfectly.

 He liked rolling all the dice on his assault turn!

He butchered my poor Boyz, leaving only a handful alive. I rolled my Break Test, needing snake-eyes, and...

Sometimes it's good to be in Ordo!
He then expertly piled-in, being very fastidious with his movement distance. I was so proud!

On my turn, the bikers wheeled back around and assaulted in to the Assault Marines...I wanted to get the Power Fist out of there! The game then turned in to a comedy, as we both spent 4 turns rolling horribly unable to kill each other off. My Power Klaws took a terrible toll, killing off all the Assault Marines and most of the Tactical Squad.

Sadly though the might of the Emperor was too much for my Greenskins to overcome, and my final Orks were killed by the well-played Space Marines!

I had SUCH a fun time playing with him. He understand his statline, can count up how many attacks his whole squad gets, understand the different weapons he has...he even remembered that Rapid Fire can't assault when I forgot! I really really want to dedicate more time to playing with him. He's got such a good head for game rules I think he'll be an incredible player in no time! Look out, Sean...Bobby's coming for you!

Bobby, thank you for a WONDERFUL game! I love you!!

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  1. Such a good battlereport! You're so lucky to have a son to play against. I bet you will have a lot of fun games in the future!