Thursday, September 29, 2011

Incubi & Urien...almost done!

Eight painting days left!

The Incubi just need to get their bases painted after the sand dries, and Urien needs the same plus some touch ups here and there and a little more work on the skin on his freak-arms. Here's a few photos of how things have worked out!

Looking at the photos I can see some sloppy errors, particularly on the "gems" (which I did lazily anyway) and the jewelry hanging on the coat-racks they wear on their backs (seriously...what are those things on their backs supposed to be?!), but overall I think they came out really nice, and will contrast nicely with the rest of the army that's almost all black and brownish-red (Rust!)

Here's Urien, who I'm using as a vanilla Haemonculous because the model is just damned cool:

His tubes and piping need some cleanup, his cloak needs some highlighting, and there's some sloppy errors here and there. I want to work on his flesh a little more, particularly on his arms/hands. The staples on his head need to be done too. Those things will have to wait, though, as I need to get the rest of the army at least up to this level too!

And worked a bit on the Venoms:

The Cockpits will be hidden by the blacked-out windshields. The armor on the gunners needs the most work, and the highlighting/trim on the vehicle bodies. I'll have that done tonight, hopefully...then on to finishing the Hellions!

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