Monday, October 31, 2011

Blizzard in October = Hobby Time!

Yes, we had a blizzard. October 29th we got about a foot of snow, along with a ton of wind. Many trees came down (the leaves hadn't finished falling, so lots of capacity to catch weight!), and lots of lines are down. My house still has power, but no internet, cable-TV, or phone.

My wife was dead-set on participating in Bethel Town Center's Trick-or-Treat, though, so the kids were stuffed in to their costumes with an extra layer of clothing and thrown out in to the blizzard.

Daddy,'s snowing!

My oldest, Bobby...he had a bit more sense. He said, "I don't want to go out in the wind!"

To which I said, "Ok, I'll stay home with you!"

And immediately broke out some toys to play with!

A lot of upcoming events, so I wanted to take advantage of being "snowed in" to get some things prepared! A bunch of Skorne goodies, and some Planetary Empires!

First up was the Swamp Gobber Bellows crew. I liked it...the only thing that had to be glued was one head. Why can't they all be this easy?

They'll be part of my Zaal force, hopefully giving some protection from the pesky ranged fire I think the list is weak against.

The I put together the Rhinodon. Eight pieces of giant metal that somehow went together quick and easy.

He's to be part of my Morghoul (prime) force, dealing with infantry blobs, light mechs, or being bait.

Then my new-found favorite Skorne infantry unit, the Nihilators!

These guys will be part of both my Zaal and pMorghoul forces, where they should excel at basing enemy infantry and clogging up enemy movement. It will take me some practice to use them...berserk takes a little bit of finesse. My first time using them I had one guy kill 3 enemy infantry and 2 friendly! Woops!

Sadly there was an issue with my box. There are 4 different poses, and 4 different sword/arm pieces to go with them. I got one too few of the sword/arm scultps for one pose, and one too many of another...I didn't want to sweat it too much, so this guy has a gimp-arm:

They call me Lefty!
So everything I need is assembled, but I didn't think doing a primer in the blizzard would work too well, so back in a box they went.

I'm planning on starting a Planetary Empires campaign for Ordo Ineptus here soon, like next week get things signed up and started. I want to get the tiles painted up somewhat pretty before hand. I want to do a desert planet...I'll write up the "fluff" about this planet", with some reddish tint to it to match the terrain that Ordo-mate Eric has built.

I used Army Builder "Desert Yellow" spray primer. It's a lot more Yellow than I wanted, but it will do. Then a coat of Sepia GW wash will go on everything. Then I tried three different colors of drybrush: Kommando Khaki, Bleached Bone, and Deneb Stone. I think I like the Khaki the best...

Khaki is bottom-left
I got just a few test pieces done here to see if I like it, and I do. I started to do mass-washing, and realized of all the colors to be out of, I don't have any more Sepia! I only got the first side done of half the sprues (there are six sprues of 8 tiles, almost all two-sided). So next time I'm out...after the blizzard...I'll get more sepia.

The two little kids came back soaked, frozen, and thrilled at all their candy...and since they were some of the only kids to have a parent that took them out in the blizzard, they also both won Best Costumes and got lots of fun prizes! Bobby, enjoying the privileges of the older brother, immediately went through their candy, asking, "Did you get any Snickers?!"

Apples don't fall far from the tree!

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