Thursday, October 13, 2011

BFS Day 2: Game 6

I think we had a lunch break in there...Subway hit the spot, I got a Mt. Dew (or two) and went back in to the ring for another game!

And guess what...I got to fight ANOTHER Logan led Space Wolf army full of Wolf Guard, Cyclones, and Long Fangs. Weeee!!!

I believe Charlie was his name, and he had Logan, a Rune Priest in Terminator Armour; 2 units of Long Fangs with Missiles and a third with Multi-meltas (why don't more people use MM?). Then 4 units of Wolf Guard with BP/CCW each with a couple terminators, one of which was Arjac. There were two Rhinos and two Pods that never had anyone in them in this game...

The mission was Spearhead, Table Quarters. I believe I had +1 Strength drug, and that I had Charlie go first.

He set up in standard Space Wolf left/middle/right Long Fang formation with Grey Hunters supporting each Long Fang squad. Arjac, Librarian, and Logan were all with the squads most to my left (straight out from the center terrain. The Rhinos were empty, looking poised to become mobile cover/blockers for a push to my bottom right quarter.

I deployed so that all my Reavers were in cover, the Hellions probably had cover from most of the long-ranged fire, standard Baron/Wrack/Haemi pain point tricks (called "Cheating" by Brother-Captain James...sigh). I kept the Ravagers way back behind some ruins for cover, with some of the Venoms behind the Incubi Raider. I really didn't think the Incubi would have much use in this battle, so wrote them off too early. I'd forgotten their most important job is to take bullets, and I failed to even let them do that!

His first turn shooting was pretty ineffective...I think he only killed a bike or two and a couple Hellions, but did explode the Incubi Raider. He forgot to bring his first empty pod in, I let him do it at the start of his turn 2, no sweat. My turn 1 and I jumped the Hellions up in to the cover-providing parapeted building in the middle. Reavers flew up for some pot-shots here and there, then slid back to provide cover. Ravagers and Venoms shifted to my left to lay down fire on the Logan-led group. Shooting was decisive as I believe the Long Fangs were wiped, and over half of one of the two Guard squads were eaten, including putting two wounds on Logan and the Librarian suffering ID from a Lance! The Incubi started running towards my bottom right quarter. My plan was just to get them behind the hill out of line of sight and just be points for that quarter. I think a smarter plan would have been to run them at one of his herds and make him shoot at them...lesson learned.

Turn two and his other pod comes in right next to the other one...threatening my Mt. Dew! His Rhinos push in to my bottom right quarter...empty...he shuffled around Logan, between the Guard squads up top. Shooting ripped apart a sacrificial Reaver squad (it was out of cover, but giving cover to Hellions and Reavers behind them). Many missiles flew in to the Hellions, who enjoyed their 3+/FNP and took it on the chin. The Wrack Venom was Wrecked, and they moved behind a LOS blocking wall near an objective where my opponent forgot about them all game. My turn the Reavers flew over his Logan-area, doing tons of wounds to a Guard squad, including a wound on Arjac. Hellions and the fleet all unloaded at the same area, killing all but one Guard, and Logan was dead too. In fact, in the first turn Logan took a wound, rolled a 1; took another wound, rolled a 1; in turn 2 he took two wounds and rolled a 1 and a 2. Splat! I kept firing the Hellions last, hoping they could finish off a unit for their third pain-point, but they never quite got it.  The incubi continue their advance to nowhere...

His turn 3, and he does the first of many tank shocks to the Incubi, who pass. Arjac and a lone Wolf Guard move to assault the 12 bikes that just messed them up. Arjac hammers one down on the way in, but those sneaky Reaver backs are quick, and kill both the Guardsman and Arjac before they can swing! My turn 3, the Reavers fly over the next blob of Space Wolves, again shredding a unit (2 squads, that's 12 d3, 24 hits, 12 wounds, 4 dead marines, just for flying 36"! Why don't more people use these bikes?!). Ravagers and Venoms move around my left more, taking long-range shots at the guys on the ground....I ignored the guys in the ruins in his corner the whole game. Again I fire the Hellions last hoping to get their third point, but fail. I do a ton of damage, though, I think leaving only 2 terminators that ran away. I have a vague memory of a rules discussion (jovial, not mean) about the unit having to run again when I killed another terminator leaving just one. He of course auto-rallied later....stupid Space Marines!

 His Turn 4 and the Rhinos again shock the Incubi. He begins moving some guys out of the ice-area in between the right quarters to come in to the bottom, but had poor DT rolls. He finally decided shooting at the Hellions wasn't getting him very far, so started shooting at Ravagers and Venoms in the top left quarter. A Venom was immobilized.
 My turn 4 and the Incubi were tired of dodging Rhinos, so for shits & grins they assaulted one of them. They Shook it. Good job, guys! :)

 His turn 5 and he tank shocked one of the Reavers off the table, and the Incubis ran off the table too! A squad assaulted the last Reavers in the bottom right Quarter, I believe all the Reavers died. A venom near the middle was blown up, 3 warriors died but they passed pinning and morale.
 We were out of time, so the bottom of 5 was the end. I moved the Hellions in to the bottom right quarter, giving me a ton of points (410 for them and Baron, I believe); the 2 warriors from the blown up venom moved up for the middle objective. He lamented not having shot them, but I pointed out that I still had 2 objectives on the left thanks to the hiding Wracks. I won the game 3 quarters to 1!

This game was a lot of fun! Charlie and I were constantly goofing off with each other, and the movie quotes were a blast. This is a guy I'd LOVE to play again! Thanks for the great game, Charlie! I hope I got your name right! :)

Sneaky Wracks and Mt. Dew!

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