Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday Painting: Help Arrives!

My wonderful missus made the mistake of showing some interest in my army last night, and ended up blowing off her college work to help me with some details that I'd not intended to do!

My, what cute little dolls you have!

My wife really was a wonderful help last night. She not only gave some valuable feedback and input on color choices and what to get done, she took a keen interest in doing details.

She started working on the Baron's hair, she thought he needed some highlights and tinting done (do Dark Eldar go to the beauty salon?). After that she decided his foot looked too healthy, "It looks like a foot from a mannequin!" So she grossed it up a bit. Then she decided to work on eyes and teeth!

My love-slave, hard at work!
 I was having such a good time chatting with her and talking about what she was doing that I didn't get much done myself. The Reavers need the Bone parts done on their armour still, but the rest is done (hair, skulls, heat lances). Tonight I hope to finish that, as well as the same thing on the Venom gunners. Then it's on to Edging!

Here's some shots of the Reavers after finishing their black wash. I only did one layer, due to time constraints. I might do another quick layer of black tonight, but with football practice I doubt I'll have time.

Here's some with Heat Lances and hair done, with unit markings on those handle-like things next to the top blade-vane (behind the riders).

And last but not least, some shots of my wife's handiwork:

The wife insists Urien is a girl...
Nice Eyes! We decided the hellglaives looked horrible with just the black.

Baron, with hair highlights and eyes!
I replaced the Agonizer with a Stunclaw. I'm not sure which is really better, but the Agonizer is more points, does on average one wound...while the Stunclaw has the potential to allow some really game-changing shenanigans.

Hellairch with eyes and stunclaw!

Thanks for painting with me, my love! It was the best time I've had painting in years! I hope we can do it again!!

Three more painting days!

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