Monday, July 28, 2014

More Malifaux!

Yes, I'm still hooked on Malifaux!

I've dropped from the 40k GT at NOVA this year and signed up for all the Malifaux events (though I'm desperately seeking a Doubles Partner...either Neverborn or Guild!)

I got a demo game in with my good friend and Stupidhammer co-host (when he's not off traveling the world) Brian Fox this weekend!

He used my standby Perdita crew (that box has definitely been worth it! Having a ready on-hand crew that's simple to use to help folks learn the game has been priceless!) while I used my new hotness...Jacob Lynch!

I took no pictures (partially because I was lazy, partially because I was distracted with my kids, and partially because I was lazy!) but still want to write up a bit about the game.

Our Strategy was Turf War. Scheme pool was Assassinate, Entourage, Protect Territory, and Cursed Object. We did 35ss forces.

I wanted to keep things simple for the demo game, so I chose Assassinate and Entourage (Hungering Darkness). My crew was Jacob (Woke Up With a Hand, Trick, and Rising Sun)m HD, 3 Illuminated, and a Beckoner.

Brian's no dummy, he quickly recognized (based on his innate and uncanny ability to do 'mathhammer' in his head...freak!!) that Jacob is pretty squishy and has to get close-ish to do things, so he chose Assassinate. He also recognized that most of his guys were shooty, so he could place Scheme Markers after turn 1 and do well with Protect Territory, so that's what he chose. His crew was the starter box (Perdita with Trick Shooting, Francisco with Wade In, Santiago, Nino, Papa, and Nephalim)

(none of these were revealed at the start, of course).

Brian quickly grasped the interlocking moving and activating synergy the crew has, and saw the power of El Mayor. He moved up to mid-field quickly while I lurked around behind a forest at mid-table avoiding getting shot at too much.

Second turn for no real reason I shifted two of the Illuminated where Santiago and Nino had LOS, we both circled around the Turf, and he took some shots at an Illuminated in the forest....a lot of shots. Once he commited, he ended up throwing the kitchen sink at him.

Third turn he finished off the damaged Illuminated. I inexplicably used HD to use Fran's ability to get in to melee with semi-coherent thoughts being to keep him away from Perdita to avoid El Mayor and kill him while isolated. This didn't work as planned, however, as Perdita used her ability to discard a card, push up next to Francisco, kill HD, and put a shot on an Illuminated! This left Fran unengaged, so he Flurried on Jacob...but had bad flips and did no damage! Brian then very sneakily used his Nephalim to push Perdita away from my lines towards Papa and be safe! Beckoner applied Brilliance to Fran, and an Illumianted finished him off (he'd been hurt by HD already)

Then my most brilliant move, the damaged Illuminated 'shot' at Papa, despite his being in the forest one of my shots landed with a cheated Mask for a Brilliance Token. Then Jacob the Assassin did Final Debt at Perdita...but missed. So he shot her with his holdout, despite a minus damage flip managed a Severe with +2 for the Trigger for big damage...then used Want To See a Trick with 3 Aces for 6 more free damage and bam! She was dead!

The rest of the game went pretty quick, as Papa failed to do much damage with his self-immolation move, and Nino & Santiago were able to finish off my second Illumianted and the Beckoner (vulnerable to Nino she is!), but Jacob and an Illuminated were able to hold the center of the table for a turn longer than Brian was. He got 3 points for Strategy and 2 points for Protect Territory; I got 4 points for Strategy and 3 points for turn 3 Assassination.

I have to admit that despite it being a 'demo' game I pulled out all the stops after letting HD go down so quick and easy! Brian is an experienced wargamer so had no trouble with the game. I sincerely believe, however, that if I'd played the same and Brian had a better grasp of some rule details (some little things that weren't taught well...can only do one trigger, pushes have to be straight line directly towards target,etc) that he would have tabled me!

I really enjoyed the Jacob crew, however. It will take some getting used to, of course, and I'm still a newb overall anyway, but definitely feel I chose wisely with my second Neverborn master!

Brian, thanks for the great game! I'm glad you had fun, and look forward to getting kicked around by your Lady Justice soon! :)

And sorry for the short post, but I'm off to try a 50ss game vs. another Stupidhammer co-host, Brendan! Oh the decisions...Jacob or Dreamer?! :)

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