Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Malifaux Monday! Dreamer vs Mei Feng

I sure do love Malifaux Monday! We had a great turnout at Gamer's Gambit as more and more folks are recognizing what a great game Malifaux is. We had six people playing Malifaux, two guys playing 40k but only because the Malifaux stuff they'd ordered isn't in yet, and two Malifaux players doing Relic Knights because it's the new shiny. A great crowd and fun times!

I got a game in with my friend Hutch who's using his Mei Feng Rail Crew starter box. We agreed to 35ss, to achieve that he piled up pretty much every upgrade he had on Mei and Kang...not a terribly optimized crew, but still effective!

Strategy was Reckoning (one I hadn't done before!!).

Scheme pool was LITS (of course!), Make them Suffer, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, and Cursed Object

I totally should have taken Make them Suffer since I knew he had only one Peon, but failed. Cursed Object sounded really fun, and I thought Stitched with summoning backup would be good for Protect Territory...push up 10", drop Schemes, and try to not die too fast.

So I brought:

Dreamer (Dreams of Pain)
Widow Weaver
2 Stitched Together
3 Daydreams
2 Alps

(Notably I forgot to take Handbag. 2 Daydreams would have been fine, but I just spaced it out).

I took Cursed Object and Protect Territory, and did not reveal. He did not reveal his Schemes, and his crew was the starter box with about two dozen upgrades :P (Mei, Kang, Emberling, 3 Rail Workers)

He picked a corner and deployed, I set up a little summony handholding formation with Alps and Daydreams around Dreamer, all hiding behind a forest and building. Stitched and Widow set up to zip around a forest to start Scheming!

Boring deployment!

First turn he just moved stuff up. Stitched and Widow moved up double Walks. Stitched made Creepy Fogs which did nothing because he doesn't shoot anyway.

My first turn hand was nice, a ten, eleven, and two thirteens...sacrificed a Daydream for the Masks, summoned Lilitu and Lelu, used a Ram to heal the twins, reduced Waking. Alps healed the Twins. Twins healed some more when they activated near Dreamer. I summoned them so they were in the forest to see through it, but deep enough in that they'd be pretty unchargable...but I'd have little trouble Pushing them out of the forest to set up charge for Lelu.

Second turn and shit got a little more interesting. The Emberling ran up and kicked a Stitched in the junk so hard pieces fell off, making a Scrap Marker and setting him on fire. I certainly don't remember exact order of activations...I'm way too old to remember things in that detail...but things went like this...

Lilitu did Blood Whispers (or whatever the +Flip thingie is called) and tried to Lure Kang, but Kang stood strong. Lelu discarded a card to push out of the forest and charged the Emberling, but fluffed the attacks and left him alive but Poisoned.

Mei Feng did some Railwalking and got behind the Stitched that the Emberling lit up. She did some Jump Kicking and ended up pushing a lot and beating the tar out of Widow Weaver after killing a Daydream. I burnt both Soul Stones to keep Widow alive with 2 wounds. Alps repositioned, healing up from Dreamer nearby, and getting ready to heal more on Turn 3. Rail Workers beat up Lelu but poor cards kept Lelu alive. Stitched gave a Rail Worker a Cursed Object...I don't remember exactly the sequence here, but he ended up dying to Black Blood before the turn ended so no VP. Dreamer summoned Coppelius, healed up Widow, and I believe I summoned another Daydream? Widow was pushed away from Mei Feng so she might hopefully live another turn! Somewhere in this mess both Stitched died, giving him a point for Reckoning, and a point for Make them Suffer, though he forgot to reveal it (we're both new, lots of things were done wrong I'm sure!) Coppelius did well...I had two attacks with him somehow, either I cheated or I'd done an Empy Night to get a Push/Attack...he got a Remove Eye and a I Want Them Both, resulting in two Eyes collected (one used to heal himself a bit) and beat Mei down a little bit.

Mei Feng Railwalked to the scrap marker near the stitched, kicked the crap out of Coppelius plucked out her eyes!

Things got even more interesting then. Lelu had one wound left and was surrounded by bad guys, so he did some vampiric bites to finish off the Emberling and do a little to a Rail Worker, healing himself up a bit. Mei Feng was Lured in to a killbox by Lelu, Dreamer summoned a few Daydreams and Empty Night'd Widow up to Mei Feng. I then spent all of Chompy and Widow's actions to try to kill her, and she lived. :( Widow used a Trigger to place Mei several inches away so she would be well away from Dreamer and the still weakened Coppelius.

I gave a cursed object to a Rail Worker that had already activated, and tried to recover from the Mei Feng bullet messing up my plans!

The combined might of Chompy, Widow, and Coppelius couldn't kill Mei, so Widow zipped her in to one of her webs!

We both got a little distracted during turns 3 and 4, so my memory is more vague than normal (which is pretty bad!). Getting Mei away was actually a bad thing, as she was able to kill more Nightmares and an Alp before Chompy killed her, then he put Dreamer to Sleep, spawning Dreamer who was able to Empty Night a few times to get me some pushes in to Kang and the Workers. I pulled a good move with Widow this turn...Hutch had two Workers next to each other, near web markers. Widow did Seize Prey to one, paralyzing him (before he activated!) then killed the second one with her armor-ignoring needle-filled mouth. Then Lelu gave the Paralyzed guy a Cursed Object. Woot! Point for me!

Turn 5 and things were grim for him. Kang killed Widow, but he needed to kill a Daydream, had one Worker with which to do it, and failed, doing only 2wd (reduced to 1 for Incorporeal). I handed that Worker a final Cursed Object, and Dreamer walked twice and dropped a Scheme, getting me a second Protect Territory point. Lelu and Coppelius killed Kang, who had been revealed as the target of his Bodyguard. Lilitu Lured the Daydream away from the Railworker...I couldn't kill him or I'd not get Cursed Object, and didn't want to get the Daydream killed by him if it went to turn six.

End of the game! Dreamer zipped off to Scheme it up, while Lelu and Coppelius laughed at the last Railworker who was holding a Cursed Object! "Hey man, what's in the box? Muhaha!"

We did a bad job of keeping track of the score thru the game, but came up with a 6-5 win for me when we added it up after (I had 1 for Reckoning, 2 for Protect Territory, and 3 for Cursed Object; Hutch had 3 for Reckoning, 2 for Make Them Suffer...or maybe the other way around...who knows?!).

I handed away lots of free points with my alps and daydreams (for Make Them Suffer). Preventing Bodyguard with Kang was key. Summoned models were game-winning...he chewed thru my starting force pretty easily (primarily due to my forgetting that Make Them Suffer was one of the Schemes and handing him all the Daydreams to kill). I only got one point for Reckoning (in retrospect, Cursed Object with Reckoning was a REALLY BAD IDEA). I think I would have been far better served taking Bodyguard on Weaver and hiding her while summoned meanies went forth and slaughtered without having to try to keep things alive to score the Cursed Objects, along with Make Them Suffer...killing the Emberling early (as I did) should have gotten me full points for that one too....but hey, it was fun!

An awesome game. Was nice to have all painted minis on the table (though my bases are still very much works in progress!). Both of us had our heads around the rules so were able to focus on the "what" more than the "how". I really enjoy Hutch, and am looking forward to more games with him! Thanks Hutch!

Sorry for lots of vagueness, but hope you enjoyed!

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