Monday, July 21, 2014

Malitastic Weekend!

I did literally nothing besides simple domestic chores and modeling for Malifaux all weekend...and I have pics to prove it!

 Picked up some Tokens and Markers from Urban Lasercraft. Really happy with them. The 'masking' is left on so they can be spray-painted for whatever color combination you want! I wanted to have a really stark contrast so went with white. Looks nice!

Also from Urban Lasercraft I picked up two of the two-story 'Wild West' laser-cut MDF buildings.

They were packaged well, assembly was easy (though I got wood glue all over myself...wood glue in leg hair is bad) and the finished product looks great! I'm intimidated to paint, but will pick some folks' brains and get ideas! Double Plus Good for Urban Lasercraft!

Roof/Upper Floors come off so can get to models inside!

And I got pretty much all the painting done on all the Nightmares for Dreamer's crew! Painting and flocking of bases left to be done, but that's quick and easy!

Insidious Madness!

Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits! Some work left to do on Dreamer's nightgown, not happy with how it came out.

Coppelius and Alps. Need to finish the Eyeball Copp is holding. Note Copp is missing one of his mouth tentacles...I dropped it while assembling and couldn't find it! Oh well!!

Daydreams! Yeah, I know they're Rare 3, I meant to order 6 Alps and 3 Dreamers...woops!

Teddy and Stitched Together! I love these guys!
A Stitched Together with his "stuffing" falling out...gross!

Widow Weaver! I sure hate working with Yellow!

My favorite part is the pink flower on her bonnet! 

The rage-inducing twins!

I've started on the Perdita box set too, hoping to have them done this week...along with the basing for the Nightmares. Then I can get some reinforcements!!

The whole Nightmarish mess! Yes, there's a Mr. Tannen in there...I suppose I should finish him too!

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