Thursday, July 10, 2014

Malifaux...a new crew already!

Found some pics of some Malifaux action...

first a pic of my first game vs. James (one of the Wyrd Henchman at the store)...

Here you see on my side Dreamer leading Teddy, Coppelius, and some Stitched Together across the table towards James' Saemus and his zombie hookers...yes, Rotten Belles with their Madame. Their special power (other than being hard to damage) is luring people to come closer to them, with a special success for that power called "She doesn't look that dead to me!"

I really love the twisted sense of humor in this game. Unlike many mini games, it doesn't take itself too serious but still makes for a very clean and competitive game.

In order to have another crew I can use to do demo games, I picked up a Guild faction set: The Latigo Posse...a family of gunslingers and mercenaries that specialize in hunting down the Neverborn enemies of the Guild.

The Family is led by Perdita Ortega. The Family models have fun interaction rules that allow them to supplement and support each other...a whole greater than sum of parts feel with them.

I think they'll be a lot of fun to paint, and lend themselves well to a 'walk up and shoot things' playstyle that will do nicely for starter games, while having a good amount of depth and more advanced interactions available to allow growth.

Look for James and I at Connecticon this weekend!

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