Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Planetary Empires: Battle for Thanatos!

Here at Ordo Ineptus we've just started our first Planetary Empires campaign: The Battle for Thanatos!

We kicked off the tournament by building the map last night, placing the special buildings, and selecting our starting tiles. This was a lot of fun, despite the pieces that we broke already! Whoops!!

Here's a few pics of how the map turned out:

I'm the black flags...right in the middle. I'm either going to get dog-piled right away or will be able to strike out and take whatever I want! Muhahah!

Rodrigo and Bobby, waiting for their turn to claim a tile!
 So now we play battles, and if you win you get to try to claim a tile from your opponent. The special buildings give bonuses in-game (either bonus points; bonus to reserve and "goes-first" die rolls; or even possible free Universal Special Rule for one or more units!), or make it more difficult to claim enemy territory (Shield Generators). The first player to get to 10 tiles and hold them for a week is the winner!

While the map set-up was going on, Sean and Eric were playing a fun looking Warmachine game: Sean's Menoth against Eric's Cygnar. The battle looked really nice, so I snapped a few shots of Vilmon and Rhoven going to work...

My money says the Lancer dies.

That 20 inch Control Radius keeps Harbie far away from the Gun Mages!
The rest of my week will be scrambling to prep for my first Steamroller Tournament...35 points of Skorne Fun coming at you! Painting is not required for the event, but I want to get my Warlocks done at least...Morghoul and Zaal. I'll get some pics up soon!

After that, it will be a lot of 40k action as I gear up for Conflict in January.

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