Monday, November 21, 2011

Ordo Ineptus Warhammer 40k Tournament - Xenos Represent!

This weekend was the first of what I hope to be monthly "small" tournaments at the FLGS where Ordo Ineptus meets. We'll be cycling through different game systems, this one was Warhammer 40k!

We did three games at 2000 points, with Nova-style missions and pairing philosophy. I think it worked out well, despite the small number of games and 10 participants.

The tournament Champion went to Sean Nayden, who was using his unique Dark Eldar "foot" army (dubbed "Foot Fungus"):

-Archon: Husk blade; Soul trap; Drugs; Ghostplate; Clone field; WWP, phantasm grenade launcher, haywire grenades

- 6 Harlequin (5 + Shadowseer): 6 Kisses; 2 Pistols
- 7 Incubi
15 Wyches (1 Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, PGL); 3 Shardnets; Haywires
- 15 Wyches (1 Hekatrix w/ Agonzier, PGL); 3 Hydras; Haywires
- 5 Warriors
- 4 Beastmasters; 8 Khymerae; 4 Razorwings
- 4 Beastmasters; 8 Khymerae; 4 Razorwings
- Talos: xtra CCW; Chains; TL Heatlance
- Talos: xtra CCW; Chains; TL Heatlance

Second place went to Eric Reive, using a very hard to nail down Eldar list:

-10 Warlocks (Embolden, Enhance, 3 Destructors, 3 Spears); Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones; Vectored Engines; TL-Shuriken Cannon)
-Three units each of 5 Dire Avengers
-Three Falcons (Holo-fields; Spirit Stones; Missile Launchers)
-Two units each of 6 Fire Dragons with Exarchs (Crack Shot) in Wave Serpents (Spirit Stones; TL-Shuriken Cannon)

And Third Place went to Brian Fox, with Tyranid:

- Swarmlord

2x Tyrant Guard, Lash Whips
- 2x Lictors
- 2x Lictors
- Deathleaper
13x Termagants
- Tervigon, Catalyst, Cluster Spines
7x Genestealers, 1x Broodlord
- 7x Genestealers, 1x Broodlord
- 6x Raveners, Rending Claws
- Trygon, Adrenal Glands
- Trygon, Adrenal Glands

Eric and Brian actually played against each other in the second round, where they tied on Quarters, Objectives, and Kill Points, and Eric ended up winning by a mere 5 Victory Point margin!

I was very happy that the event worked as well as it did. We started on time ( player was a bit late), and ended right on time with no issues at all. Here's some pics of the day's fun!

Tau and Space Wolves deploying...

Sean studies the Paladin's deployment, while Rodrigo tries to stamp out the bugs!

Eric's Eldar ready to take on Grady's Imperial Guard!

The Dark Eldar jam up the Paladins near their table edge and tear them apart!

Tim's Blood Angels take on Tom's Eldar!

Rodrigo's Ultramarines!

Rodrigo's pods drop in on Ricky's Tau

Tom's Howling Banshees take on Arjac!

Eric's Dire Avengers wish they had some Bug Spray!

Paladin's rampaging through the Guard's armour!

The Dark Eldar swarm out of their Webway Portal!

The Death Company surrounded!

The Final Showdown: Eldrad & Warlocks vs. Drazhar & Incubi!

Blood Angel Terminators assault the Guard's armour!

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