Monday, November 14, 2011

Ordo Ineptus: lots of upcoming excitement!

My local club is called Ordo Ineptus, named for our surefire ability to roll 1s when it hurts the most. Club events have been kind of minimal the last few months, but all that's about to change!

My Ordo brothers and I play a lot of game systems: 40k; Fantasy; Flames of War; and Warmachine/Hordes being the most prominent, though there's often some Role-playing and Board-gaming going on too. It's a challenge to have events and keep people in to all these different games...and at a personal level I've found I can only have rules for two games at a time in my brain: if I try to get the rules for a third (or heaven forbid a fourth!) in there, then the rules for the first two fade away. Space is limited twixt these ears, I guess!

Coming up this weekend, on November 19th is our first montly in-store tournament! We're having a small 2000 points 40k 3-game tournament, kind of Nova-style. We'll start at 10am, be out of the store by 6pm (play fast!), and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Participation will cost $15 and will include Pizza! In-store only has so much space, so we're limited to 12 participants for this one. I've got two spots left, if you want to come we'd love to have you! Sign up here!!

This should get the 40k-inclined folks all fired up and ready for a Planetary Empires campaign: The Battle for Thantos!

Up to eight people will be able to participate in this Planetary Empires campaign. Entry fee will be $10, all of which goes to prize-support for First, Second, and Third places, determined by number of tiles and structures controlled. The campaign will last for 3 months, or when one player is able to maintain control of 10 tiles for 1 week. Fun!

Next month on December 17th will be our second monthly tournament, this time a 35-point Stearmroller-style Warmachine/Hordes tournament! I haven't nailed down the specifics yet, but similar to the 40k campaign it will be done in one day, with a $15 entry fee...Pizza provided, of course :)

Also in December I hope to start a Warmachine/Hordes league. We don't have a Press Ganger (yet!), but at the very least will do something home-grown, and hopefully fun and competitive!

We're also starting up a Flames of War Infantry Aces campaign (for which I personally am woefully unprepared!) I'm actually really looking forward to this DAK Aufklarung need some time on the table!

Next year we'll continue our monthly tournaments, with either Fantasy or Flames of War in Janurary, and the other in February...the club is still voting on which to do when!

Outside of local club/store events, we're also going to have several members participating in some regional upcoming events!

First is a Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller event at the Brothers Grim on Long Island on December 3rd. This will be the first "real" Steamroller event for most of us. I've been to several 40k and Fantasy tournaments at that store, and I LOVE it...I wish I lived about 20 minutes closer, I'd be there for every one! The store is great, the owner/staff are great, the tables and terrain are great, and most of all the people that play there are great! I'm really looking forward to going down there...not expecting to be competitive at my first WM/H tournament, but just to see some folks there that I've really grown to like!

Then in January is The Conflict GT. A large Fantasy and 40k event that is only an hour away. This will be my second Conflict (I went 3 years ago, to their first). The venue is great (same as Battle for Salvation), and there are sure to be tons of great games! I'm signed up for the 40k event. Maybe I'll see you there?

In February is a big event that I've wanted to go to for years, and am finally going to attempt to attend: Templecon in Rhode Island. I'm hoping to do 40k there as well (mainly so I don't have to stress about painting!) but if my paintbrush is kind to me, maybe I'll do WM/H or Fantasy instead!

Lots of things happening in Ordo world! I'm really excited about the upcoming events!

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