Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pics from Colonial GT

After my first drop vs. Rich's Sisters

So many Sisters died...

We played right by the door, when propped open it was cold as shit and made bad I'm trying to control what the Death Company can charge in to when/if they get out.

I spent three turns surrounding the Stormraven so it couldn't move 6" and have the meanies inside disembark.

Flamers and Screamers killed Celestine 4 times, I think...bitch should have just stayed down!

Raven...still surrounded...

Celestine, before her 4th and final death...

Against the CSM, I tried to drop/turbl so I'd be right at 20" away from the Spawn. If he was brave I figured he'd not get all three charges to work, and I'd be able to dogpile on one of them and kill. The Flamers up close scattered a bit farther back than I'd had liked, they were there to pull him to that side of the table and create opportunities elsewhere. That didn't work out so well.

His Screamers dropped in, and did some Slash Attacks on me. We had a minor issue when I pointed out that his Herald on a Disc was Jump Infantry, not Jetbike, so was unable to Turbo with the rest of the unit. No big deal.

Fun conversion...Lord with Black Mace and Jumppack. He didn't join the Nurgle spawn units, just lurked near them and supported in melee. Clever play.

Screamer on Screamer action. The Rhino's Doomsiren kept the Flamers from toasting anything when they got charged. Big miscalculation on my part.

Genestealers and Broodlord died to Flamers and Slash Attacks for First Blood.

That Tervigon made 15 (4, 5, 6) then 16 (5, 5, 6) before crapping out. Such a proud and exhausted mother!

Screamers and Flamers ganged up on Trygon and Tervigon; Flamers and Horrors killed off Raveners. Fateweaver put two wounds on the Flyrant, who crashed in to the ground for another wound. The spawn used to be the Doom, who was up to 10 wounds, I believe. Ha!

Nurglings going Swarmlord hunting! Lots of Gants out there, but I have lots of Flamers left to deal with them!

My backfield is clear, the Flyrant died to Warpfire shots from Flamers, Screamers start towards the Nid deployment area and all those pesky Biovores!

Swarmlord called for help from a big Gant unit to help clear out the Nurglings as the Hive Guard move up to try to target my backfield scoring Horrors.

On top of turn 2, the Screamers and Flamers circle around Fateweaver to weather the storm of Tesla. The saves were amazing, the Pink unit took two Night Scythes, two Immortal units, and the Barge and took a grand total of one wound after saves! I did more damage coming out of the forest to Dangerous than I did from the Tesla!

There had been a unit of Wraiths where my template is...Flamers killed them off.

Nurglings assaulted the Warriors with Zahndrekh, forcing Obyron to leave the Spyders in my backfield to go help out his boss...a rule I tried to exploit as much as I could!

Big lapse in pictures, jump ahead to late in game vs. Tony, where I'm Slashing and Flaming thru Guardsmen as fast as I can!

Vendettas with Heavy Bolters are really irritating!

Nurglings held down this guard blob, doing good damage, allowing the Screamers to come in and finish them off.

All that's left of Tony's infantry...

The Vendettas flew around with impunity, taking out my small troop units and finishing off units the Manticores softened up.

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