Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daemons and Gauls

My fiddling with the new Daemon Codex continues, as well as trying to make something constructive out of the Fantasy book...which is horrible, by the way.

While the brain is chewing on those things, I've finally started working on the Gauls! I've got over 400 models to paint, so will be doing quick and sloppy basecoats with minimal detail and using Army Painter Quickshade.

I'm still learning the ins and out of the Quickshade...first lesson: don't forget to shake it up.

Here's a teaser of the pre-dipped Javelinmen:

These guys didn't dip well (I hadn't stirred up the Shade!), but are being reworked, and I've got some other stuff nearing completion, hope to have photos up by this weekend!

As for the Daemons, for fantasy, the Skullcannons are auto-includes. They're just too good to not take. I'll be building my own out of super old Juggers and green stuff and a few Bloodletters...

For 40k, the big dilmena for me is if Seekers are really worth all the hype. I guess for 12 points they're pretty potent, but they just die SO fast compared to all the other Fast Attacks (consider the other stuff is T4 or 5, and has at least W2...T3 W1 is not very survivable!).

I'd been considering one unit of Hounds and one of Seekers, but the more I play the more underwelmed I am with the Seekers, so am considering just two simple units of Hounds!

Loving my Soul Grinders...I seem to be the only one that enjoys them, pity!

Skullcannon is well worth it, too...he doesn't kill much, but allowing folks to swing at Initiative (especially those Seekers!) when they have to charge in to terrain is priceless.

Have a great day, I'm getting back to work. Look for more Gauls coming soon!

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