Friday, September 28, 2012

Skulls, skulls, and more skulls!

The Skull Bases I ordered from Micro Art Studios arrived this Wednesday! I immediately got them washed and primed, and have the painting done!

I want to say a few words about Micro Art Studios...

I placed my order in early August. I knew that shipping from Poland would take some time, so was patiently waiting. After a month, though, my order status had not changed from Processing/Production...I got a bit concerned. I began trying to contact the company through their "Contact Us" page, but got no responses. I found an email address for the owner, and contacted him directly late last week.

He was very responsive, apologetic for my order having been overlooked, and assured me I'd get them in time for the tournament. He emailed me directly to let me know the order was done and shipping. My order status changed on Monday to Shipped, and I got the package on Wednesday morning, before I even left for work!

Here's the thing, though...a friend of mine looked up the cost to ship this package from Poland to USA, and Micro Art Studios spent over $150 to ship my $50 order.

I'm completely blown away by this level of customer service. I very much intend to give them repeat business, and strongly encourage any readers to check out their incredible looking bases. Not only are the bases top notch quality, you can't beat that level of dedication to making sure your customer is happy!

Thank you, Micro Art Studios!!

I painted them up with a simple drybrush, wash, drybrush kind of technique while playing Vassal and watching the Ravens wreck the Browns. They came out pretty decent, and I really like how the bright happy colored Flamer looks on the barren field of skulls!

I expect I'll be buying a lot more skulls so I can get the Bloodletters and Crushers on the same bases for my fantasy army!

Now to get the stupid slotta Horrors mounted, and I'm ready for BFS next weekend!

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