Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm boring, and lazy...but going to Mechanicon!

I've not done much of the prep-work for BFS I'd intended to do this last week. I could blame the time spent football coaching, or working, or a million other things, but really I've just been lazy!

But, I did do a LITTLE bit! I even got a Vassal game!

I dug out an unused army transport (the one I won at BFS last year, actually!) and spent a few evenings plucking foam (you have to be careful how you say that!) so my poor Daemons aren't stuck in a shoe-box anymore!

A giant leap forward for me! I have to rework one of the old-version of Screamer's base...while trying to get it off the square base, it broke completely (the stand was glued in to the Screamer, and I managed to break the stand off the base, off the Screamer...leaving the tab in the hole, of course...and broke the tail off the Screamer). I'll be scavenging a Hellion base to make this guy work!

Next on the agenda is finishing a few of the guys that only have base colors (3 of the screamers and the model I'll be using as The Changeling). Then on to the touchups, of which there are many, but should be a quick job, just a few hours work for the whole army. Ahh, the benefits of having over 1/2 my points taken up in 4 models! :)

I've also built a simple display board for my guys.

This monstrous hill will comfortably accomodate my army. It will be painted like an ashen waste. If the skull bases come in, I will have some piles of skulls painted up to match how I do the bases to add some fun to it.

Speaking of the skull bases, that is by far the biggest project coming up. The old models I'm using are all old "slotta" models, with the big tab that goes in the long slot cut in the bases. Those old Horror models are all in kind of a bouncey-bounce pose, with almost none of the body touching the base.

I don't know if I should:

a) Chop the tab off completely, and try to get the minimal surface available to set on the skull bases (this is my preferred method, as it will be the quickest and I think will look the best);

b) Get out the Dremmel and carve a giant slot in the bases, and use the slottas as intended;

or c) Get out the Dremmel, carve a small slot, and chop off most of the tab from the models so that there's only a tiny one. This is what I think will end up happening. I predict I'll lose a finger using the Dremmel!

I'm hoping Plan A will work...if the little tails or leg-parts can kind of fit in to the valleys between skulls, I think they'll set pretty decent!

Last post I mentioned I was concerned that my skull base order hadn't shipped from Poland yet. I've since gotten in contact with the vendor, and he's been most accomodating. He's apologized profusely for the delay in my order, and for the contact function on the website not working. He's expedited my order, and is sending it 'by courier' from Poland to the US! I offered to pay an increase in cost for this service, but he refused!

I'm really excited by this...I think that's a great way to run a business, and I definitely intend to give him some return business! I've not yet seen the bases, but based on the pics on the site, he's got some really great stuff! Check them out here: Micro Art Studio. I received an email saying that my stuff had shipped, and FedEx says it will be at my house the morning of the 26th! Great customer service...consider the cost of FedEx from Poland is about three times what I paid for the order, this guy has gone above and beyond!

One last bit, I've signed up for The Warstore Weekend! I went to their first one a few years ago and had a really great time. The GW stuff was fun, but the giant rooms of demos, exhibitions, clinics, and sales were a blast! This is more of a gaming convention than a simple tournament. They have competitions for 40k, Fantasy, Warmachine, Flames of War, and tons of others, as well as just gobs of fun things to see and do! I highly recommend!

This year the 40k event will be the Mechanicon GT. This is a 1500 points tournament 5-game tournament using Forgeworld stuff and what looks like book missions. I'm torn on what to do at 1500 points, but will be sticking with the Daemons...the simple thing to do is to just drop two Daemon Princes (leaving me what I think are the two meanest Flying Monstrous Creatures available) and a Screamer...maybe drop The Changeling for another bolt. Something like this:

Lord of Change
3 Flamers
3 Flamers
3 Flamers
5 Horrors (Bolt of Tzeentch)
5 Horrors (Bolt of Tzeentch)
5 Horrors
5 Horrors
5 Screamers
5 Screamers
4 Screamers

I got in one test game on Vassal, but it seems like the player was moderately new and had a Black Templars list that didn't seem to stack up well...something like a Marshal, an Emperor's Champion, some Sword Brethren Assault Terminators in Land Raider Crusader, a few Crusaders in Rhinos, and some Imperial Armour stuff I wasn't very familiar with, so ignored; a shooty Drop Pod that had no people in it, and a Flier.

Downshift was my opponent's name. He set up a quick map for us. We rolled up 3 objectives in Hammer and Anvil. I won the roll and chose to go second...go figure. He drove his 3 vehicles in to the valley of death, and I dropped in the LOC and FW, and the three Screamers.

His second turn he drove up, got the terminators out of the Land Raider to assault some Screamers, then everythign shot at the screamers, killing 2, making the charge suddenly very long...I believe he needed a 10 or so and failed.

Next turn I got in all Flamer units and all the Horrors! Horrors went for objectives, though one scattered off a long ways, and another I put down to be a distraction near his backfield, and it nearly scattered off the table. Flamers dropped in crazy close to go for the terminators...one unit scattered back in to reserve, the others landed more or less on target, and flamed away the terminators, leaving just the Marshal. Screamers tried to charge Rhino, but failed...Screamers tried to charge the Raider, and failed.

His turn three, the troops got out of their Rhinos, to shoot stuff. The Flier came in, and shot stuff. He finished off a unit of Screamers, and almost killed off a unit of Flamers.

My turn 3, the last Flamers came down, and the surviving unit from the first drop jumped over the Land Raider. Many Crusaders were barbequed! FMC tried to kill the Flier, but weren't able to bring it down.

Screamers assaulted and killed the Land Raider.

His turn 4, the Marshal kills off a Flamer, all his shooting dropped 3 Screamers, and he blindly assaults the Flamers with the few remaining Crusaders, which goes badly for them...even the Champion died to Overwatch.

With only 1 troop unit remaining and one IC and me with a million Warpfire shots going at him, Downshift conceded the game.

Downshift was a good sport, taking things well. I don't think he'd been exposed to Daemons before, so was not sure what was happening until it was done. He has learned to hate Flamers...rightly so, they deserve hate and angst, nasty little beasties! I don't know what exactly to expect at 1500 points, but the Black Templars didn't leave me feeling very impressed. If only all my matchups were like this! I do think I stack up well to generic MEQ...which is what I kind of feel BT are, at least in this iteration. GK are mildly irritating (Warp Quake, Daemonbane, and tons of Twin-Linked shooting!), but otherwise I feel ok going against Marines of pretty much any flavor. My worry still is the hordish armies! But regardless, the list did what I needed it to do at 1500, so I'm happy!

Hopefully get some bases done up tomorrow, and see how things look! 10 days til BFS!

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