Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vampire Counts Work in Progress

I've not been able to dedicate the time I'd like to painting this army up, but I'm making slow progress!

Zombies! A mix of Mantic and GW.

Here's a few pics of what I worked on this weekend!

I bought two boxes of 30 Mantic Zombies with Command. If you stretch things out, you can actually get 40 zombies in the box, though many just walking legs with backbone sticking up...which I find kind of cool.

Here's 100 zombies assembled and ranked up. Sadly, I don't think it's nearly enough to be an effective tarpit...but at least they'll look fun! :)

The Mantic Command guys have a problem staying upright...they carry the flags in a very "forward" manner, making the model way off-balanced. Hopefully some magnets will help!

I've got a good number of the old "grim-reaper" Cairn Wraiths. This guy was a test model for the ethereal effect and bone coloration I want. He's had his bones painted 4 times now, so is in need of stripping and re-do, particularly his face, but I like how his robe and weapon came out!

Note the Hexwraiths in the background there...they'll be getting finished up soon I hope!

And here's the 'Spirit Horde' part of the Mortis Engine. I'll be drybrushing him this week, then working on the 'metal' parts. It's really imposing, but the technique is quick and easy and reasonably effective.

This is just a white spray base and GW Blue Wash...one quick coat. I have to go back over it and find any little white spots that I missed...they stand out a lot, and often little 'bubbles' will form, that look like they're covered until it dries.

A good friend of mine that's a far better hobbyist is putting the thing together for me with some magnetization so I can switch between Mortis Engine and Coven Throne. I'm looking forward to painting the Mortis Engine part, but those Vampire Ladies are kind of intimidating...not sure how I want to do them!

More pics to come as I press onward!

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