Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mortis Engine and Hexwraiths WIP

A little more work done the last few evenings, though Eric and Rod keep distracting me with World of Tanks!

I've got the mounts for the Hexwraiths more or less done. Their 'ethereal' cloth barding came out a lot 'softer' than I'd wanted, but it's passable. I think with the guys on top it will fit in nicely. I went with a really ancient 'crusty' bone look instead of a nice fresh 'white' look. Seems to work. I tried some 'light effects' from the flaming reins, but am not really happy with it, maybe I'll cover it up.

I intend to do the bones and cloaks on the riders the same, and all their flaming parts will be the same yellow/green fire. Their weapons will be rusty metal like this, their eyes will hopefully glow green like this, but I don't know what I'll do with all their censors and braziers...maybe a patina aged brass statue look, but that's a lot of green/blue and may bet lost in the see of ethereal-blue.

 Not sure what I'll do with the bases yet. Boring dead grass and rocks probably. Maybe some gravestones here and there throughout the army. Cliche, but it works.

Next is the Spirit Horde for the Mortis Engine/Coven Throne. My friend Rod is working on a way to magnetize the top part so I can use it as either with ease, so while he's working on that I've finished up the Horde.

Same ethereal effect the rest of the ethereal bits will have, and rusty metal for the armour and weapons. I mixed a little of my dwindling stash of GW Rust Ink in to some Ogryn Flesh was for a nice easy ancient metal look. I'd like to do a little work to it, but it's passable as is.

Next up is the Hexwraith riders, then I think I'll finish up the Ghouls! I suppose I could do some basing on this guy while I've got it pending attachment of the 'chariot', but I'm short on ideas for something that will match this awesome model!

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