Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pics from Conflict

I had to get a new cable from IT to get the Blackberry to work. Sadly, most of my pictures are absolute crap. I don't know what setting I screwed up, but they suck.

Still, I'll share a few tidbits here to prove that I really was there, with Mt. Dew and everything!

First, Ragnar and others asked that I post the pic I took of the final result sheet, since it's nowhere else to be found:

I hope it's legible enough for all. Looking at the final scores, my strength of schedule was HARD. Bummer.

Here's some shots of the coolest armies I saw: the Fantasy Ork-estra, and Alex Fennel's Necrons:

Here's some of the action against Fritz:

Immortals and Scarbs advance!

The Spider shits out more swarms!

Fritz moving after having Seized the Initiative!

I inititated melee in the middle, trying to kill off the unit that popped
in via Deep Strike, and Reavers try to tie-up Scarabs.

The Scarabs kept coming, and things got dice for awhile.

But the Hellions were able to hit and run away from the scarabs, wiping out
Spiders, some Scarabs, and every Warrior unit is Fleeing with little chance
to Rally.

And game 2 vs. Pete:

Vendettas on the right...

Chimeras and artillery on the left...

I really loved the weathering he did!

Some action in the back corner of my deployment zone, where the Wracks and some
Reavers meleed down two units of Guardsmen over two turns. Fun!

Some shots of game three vs. Jorge:

My whole army huddlged behind one teensy ruin.

He had gone all reserve, this is his Turn 2 arrivals.

Also on turn 2 came in the Terminator Assault Squad, which
got blown off the table by splinter-fire

Reavers explode the Death Company Rhino

Note the Reavers on the Hill didn't get far enough away from
the very angry Death Company, and Meph is in range
of the Reavers in the open!

Aftermath of that fight...sacrifice two Reaver units to get DC
and Meph out to be shot at.

Mid-game, still clinging to my ruin!

Mt. Dew! Hellions going after a Razor with ASM.

His Reserves were able to take a toll on my vehicles, but were
too late to swing the points in to his favor.

From here on out the pictures got really wacky...blurry, fuzzy, rings around things. I must have inadvertantly changed a setting, because very few came out. I went around and took pics of other armies that I'd liked too, and none of them came out. Lou Branco's Iyanden Eldar were fantastic, as were Bill Souza's Daemons. Jawa's BA were fantastic as usual...but none of those pictures came out. I only managed a few useable ones from games 4 and 5, and none from 6. So, here's some of Rich's Sisters:

During his Deployment. Hellions are clinging to some trees for some cover!

"This one kills your stuff, and this one kills your stff, and this one REALLY kills your stuff!"

Hellions are lost in a gross miscalculation...DCA with Uriah
are BROKEN! 15 points? More like 30! At least they took
out some battle-nuns before dieing!

And one last useable picture from turn 1 of the game versus Andrew:

I deployed very wish-washy, moved very wishy-washy,
and got blown off the table turn 2. Yeah, Grey Knights are fun!

So that's all I've got that's useable. I've taken more pictures since then, but haven't looked to see if they came out any better. I sure hope so!

I'm still really down on the tournament overall, but I'm realizing it's not so much a matter of the lack of coordination and planning and weak the tournament itself, but the overall state of 40k, where there really is such an utter lack of balance that some things are nigh invincible. See that pic above. I'm really anxious for 6th edition, and am in semi-40k retirement for awhile, to try to enjoy WM/H and Fantasy a bit more!

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