Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ordo Ineptus Flames of War Tournament!

We had one of our monthly tournaments last weekend, this time a 1750 Flames of War three-game event!

Despite some really horrific driving conditions from a winter-storm, 5 people (plus myself) came in to play, and we got our three games with pizza in with good times had by all!

I played with my German Panzerpioneer Kompanie. Rodrigo had his British Armored. Shane had a Russian Strelkovy force. George had his US Infantry. Ben had a US Tank Company. And Tom had a British Infantry force, well balanced with Artillery and Armor support.

Appearance score was worth 1/4 of the overall points, and those without a fully painted army got a zero for Appearance.

Overall results put Tom at first place; Shane in Second; and Rodrigo in Third.

Despite the foul weather we had a great time, and I'm really reminded what a great and fun game system Flames of War is!

Arlin hard at work on the club's terrain!

My Pioneers deploy against Ben's tanks!

My Panzerpioneer Kompanie!

Brits and Russians attack thru unpainted terrain!

Tom's Brits look great!

Lots of artillery in that British force!

George's Staff Team directs their guns from safely behind an infantry platoon!

Geroge's infantry fail to stop the Goliath!

Rodrigo's Infantry dig in around the objective!

Rodrigo's tanks pay the price to force a way across the bridge.

The Russians move up!

So very many Russians!
Many of us are going to go to the Brothers Grim Flames of War charity tournament on Feb 11th...I need to tweak my list and get everything painted!

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