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The Confict GT 2012: mini-reports and thoughts!

Posts have been few and far between here, eh? Sorry...holidays, real life, work, kids, etc...not to mention a healthy case of Skyrim addiction.

I'm fresh back from attending The Conflict GT with my good friend Sean Nayden. I had a good time, though I was pretty sick on the first day and am really feeling far more wiped out than I've felt after other tournaments. Maybe I'm getting too old for this leaning over tables for 2 days thing!


I took several pictures, but I can't get them off my phone. It flat out refuses to let me upload them. I'll try on different computer when I'm able, but the photos will have to get added in later. Sorry!

The event was 1750 points, 6 games (4 the first day; 2 the second), with custom missions. There was also a 40k doubles event; big WFB singles and doubles; FOW singles and doubles; and a failed attempt at WM/H. Apparently there were like 20 people signed up for the Warmahordes, and half of them dropped out, leaving only enough for a small 3 game event on Friday night. It made me a bit sad...I'd intended to bring my Skorne stuff to be ready to play some pick-up games (or even swap events if Aaron needed to even things up). If I had I'd had been able to participate Friday night, but sadly Sean talked me out of bringing them (he didn't really, but I'll blame him anyway!) It was still fun to watch them, see some other folks setting up their armies, and chit chat. Honestly, this was my favorite part of the event.

I was using my Dark Eldar again:

Baron Sathonyx
5 Warriors (Blaster) in a Venom (xtra Splinter Cannon)
5 Warriors (Blaster) in a Venom (xtra Splinter Cannon)
5 Warriors (Blaster) in a Venom (xtra Splinter Cannon)
3 Wracks in a Venom (xtra Splinter Cannon)
16 Hellions (one upgraded to Helliarch)
6 Reavers (2 Heat Lances; one Arena Champion with Venom Blade)
6 Reavers (2 Heat Lances; one Arena Champion with Venom Blade)
6 Reavers (2 Heat Lances; one Arena Champion with Venom Blade)

and the Ubiquitous 3 Ravagers with Dark Lances and Flickerfields

A focus on up close in-your-face speed with lots of vehicle-popping capacity, a decent melee unit (that shoots damned well, too) and a respectable amount of 36" anti-vehicle and anti-infantry firepower.

I'll throw a disclaimer in here, I don't mean any disrespect to Aaron, but I have some criticisms of the event as a whole. Consider these people that signed up for 2 or three of the WM/H events...instead they got to play 3 games on Friday night and got sent home. I sincerely hope they were participating in other events, or that there was some kind of compensation! If I'd signed up for that, and scheduled my weekend around it, I would have been a bit miffed.

Another criticism was things getting underway on Saturday morning. First game was supposed to start at 9. We got there about 8:30, breakfast in-hand to eat while figuring out pairings and getting out our toys. Instead the first game was delayed by well over an hour while waiting for 6 people who, as far as I could tell, never showed up. I think they should have been paired against each other while the rest of us played...hey, if you're late, too bad, take what you can get. Visiting and chatting with folks is fun, and like I said that's my favorite part, but the "hurry up and wait" thing that morning had everyone a bit miffed.

Then the missions. What missions? If you go to their website, you'll see no mention of missions at all. Apparently there was some mix-up with the website, the missions were never posted, so Aaron decided to re-use the same mission pack he used last year. That's fine, I guess, but the lack of transparency was a bit disappointing: we didn't know what the mission would be until the round was started, when the papers were handed out. Two times of six games my table got no paper, and had to borrow from folks around us.

The missions themselves were, for the most part, not up to what I consider the "current" standards of competitive 40k. The Win/Draw/Lose BattlePoint system doesn't seem to work well after seeing other systems that have such solidly developed tie-breaking systems (eg Nova). Several of the missions were virtual auto-draws...table quarters where any unit in a quarter contested it; three 3-objective missions (not much better than C&C). I was disappointed (more on the missions below where I talk about my actual games).

The event looked to be more than a little understaffed. Aaron seemed to be trying to coordinate the goings-on of the 40k; WFB; and FOW things all at the same time. It looked like he did the paint judging himself. He did the rules disputes himself. He did the point-tallying himself. I think he'd do a lot to improve the event by recruiting one "lead" and a couple "staff" for each event, allowing him to focus on the big picture and let the staff run the specific events.

The timing was horrible. As I said, the first game started extremely late (note: only for 40k, FOW and WFB seemed to start on time). Folks then seemed to play until they were done. Every now and then near the end of games I saw or heard Aaron come around and ask folks to finish up. More than once other players told folks that were still playing that the round had ended long ago and that Aaron needed their paperwork. There were no timing announcements...not even so much as an "The round ends at 2:25! Begin!". There was no announcement that time was nearly up, no announcement that time was up, nothing! One player told me over lunch that he and his opponent were playing along, unaware (as we all were) that the round had already ended. They were told (by another player, not by any staff) that they should end their game. But the player's opponent refused to end the game, insisting on rushing through another game-turn. Aaron was consulted, and was brow-beaten in to allowing this, which drastically changed how the game played out. This is anecdotal, yes, but certainly matches my own experiences. One game I looked around and saw only a handful of tables still playing. I asked (another player, no staff was available) how much time was left, and was told it had ended already. This was to me the biggest weakness of the event.

Enough negative, though...there were definitely positives too. The event was in one of the Palisades Mall's community rooms, with ample space for the roughly 150 gamers and room to spare, and wonderful access to food, clothes, sporting goods, furniture, jewelry, electronics, or groceries. There was even a dentist. Really, having been to quite a few tournaments, it really is remarkable to just walk out of the room, walk indoors to an endless barrage of restaurants of any kind imaginable, bathrooms, or a quick run to Target for Mt. Dew...a real great place.

The Terrain on each table was pretty decent. Not too much in the complete LOS blocking, but there was enough that theoretically there would be some nice "shadows" to hide behind. Unfortunately, this was marred greatly by the terrain placement phase of each game. The players alternated placing and then scattering the terrain provided on each table. This, in my not so humble opinion, was horrible. To make it worse, no terrain piece was allowed to be placed or scatter within six inches of the center of the table. This allowed those with shooty armies (and the brashness to do so) to place their terrain pieces in the extreme corners, preventing LOS pieces for their opponent to use. if Grey Knights weren't obnoxious enough.

So, having said all that, I again mean no disrespect to Aaron. I very much wish to volunteer to help him run his event next year...I'd rather do that and see a great 40k tournament than participate in one that left me feeling a bit let down.

So, I've talked in circles a bit...sorry for rambling...on to the battles! (Though without pictures, my reports will be brief)...

Game One 
My first game, when we finally go to start, was against the infamous Fritz and his Necrons. I was really happy to have Fritz as my first opponent. He's a really awesome laid-back guy that enjoys playing the game, not beating other words, he's not a WAAC douche. Not only that, but I'd done ZERO home-work on how Necrons work, so was thankful to have a friendly game in which to learn a bit. Sadly, Fritz and I both got really grumpy to start with as we found that the table numbers had all changed, so we struggled to find our table (again, relying on other Players to help us, not any staff). Once we found it, we were stuck as three other players had their armies sitting on our table (while they were figuring out how to set up the terrain on their own tables, no doubt). This was a very frustrating way to start the game!

I'd like to tell you exactly what Fritz had in his list, but I'm not familiar enough with the codex and failed to score a hard-copy. He had things that made it nightfight for 3 turns; called down lighting on everything on turn 1; stole initiative on 4+; 3 Spiders each leading a unit of 10 Scarabs (so 30 swarms to start with); several min units of warriors, a C'tan shard that had 250 shots; and a big unit of Immortals.

The mission was Spearhead with 3 objectives. I won the roll (thanks, Baron!) and went first. At this point I didn't know about the 4+ seize, or I would have just let him go. I deployed way up on the 12" circle, ready to pounce up with reaver bladevane attacks to kill off troops; blast C'tan with Lances; and do something constructive with Venom fire. Instead, he seized the initiative, made it night-fight, blasted 2 Venoms and a Ravager with his Lightning strike. I was able to recover though, using Reaver squads to shoot up and assault some Scarabs (WS5 thanks to drugs, so scarabs struggled to do damage). Lances killed the C'tan right away. Hellions bounced around like men possessed, helping clear out one of the Scarab units enough that it was a non-threat, then hit and running away to take out the Immortals, the Spiders (the Spiders died to Fearless saves actually, but thanks to the Hellions dishing out massive damage to Scarabs), and then walked through 4 Warrior units. The Scarabs finally got to my vehicles late in the game, where as I recall they took down a Ravager but nothing else before the Venoms and occupants wiped them out. This left him with only a handful of scoring for his own objective, with my Hellions dancing around it, and nothing to contest mine with. He decided to call the game on turn 4, when we seemed to think we were pretty much out of time anyway (thanks to such a late start) and were both damned hungry! So, a win for the first game, a fun learning experience with the Necrons, and another quality game with Fritz!

Had lunch then with Sean and lots of other guys, chatting with everyone about their games, and rushed back to find that pairings weren't up yet. I went to the bathroom, where as luck would have it found it closed for cleaning. Called my family for a quick chat, and went back in to find that I was paired against one of the worst matchups for me, Vendetta/Hydra/Manticore/Chimera-spam IG!

Game Two

My opponent was Pete De'flo, who had a wonderfully painted IG army...really nice looking weathering and battle-damage work. It consisted of a CCS with Astropath in a Chimera; a PBS in a Chimera; a PCS with Melta in a Chimera; 2 'Special' squads with lots of melta in Chimeras; two Guardsmen squads (with Autocannon team) in two of the Vendettas; a Vet squad with Melta in a Vendetta; 2 Hydras in a squad; and the two Manticores separate.

The mission was pitched battle deployment with the objective being to get more of your troops in to your opponents deployment area than he has in yours. This is important, as I misread this and nearly screwed myself horribly!

I won the roll (Thanks Baron!) and chose to go first. I set up everything centrally, while he castled up the artillery in the 'left' corner (from my perspective), while the Vendettas went on the right, and they did a flat-out scout move staying in the back right corner.

I started the shooting at them, with the First ravager immobilizing (thereby wrecking) one Vendetta, Stunning another, and Shaking the third. The Reavers Turbo'd to mid-field (trying to get close enough for Heat Lance range next turn without getting flamered down by hull heavy flamers), with the Hellions moving behind them to enjoy the cover they provide. Venoms lurked around, trying to look innocuous, though one got some shots at the Veterans the fell out of the dead Vendetta.

His first round shooting wasn't terribly effective (in no small part due to the damage to the Vendettas). He took one Reaver squad down to 4 and took another down to just two models (the Heat Lances). He had a small error, using his PBS on a unit of 4 living Reavers instead of the one that had 2 left, allowing me to rally and still be close enough for Melta shots. Some Manticore and Hydras went after Ravagers, I believe one died, one was Immobile, and one lost a gun and was shaken.

My second turn was the perfect storm, the kind of turn you always hope to have but never get. I moved two units of Reavers to get shots at the PBS Chimera (which was lurking behind 3 others near middle table); the squad of 4 rallied and stayed in cover. The Hellions moved up to assault the wall of 3 Chimeras (that had politely moved only 6 inches). The one Ravager that could shoot shook a Vendetta. Heat Lances exploded the PBS squad, killing over half, they failed their morale and were removed. The Hellions jumped on the 3 Chimeras, first one I got two Pens, explode; second one two Pens, explode; third one two Pens, explode. Most of the occupants died in the explosions, as were many Hellions, who lost 8 of their initial 16, and ran away. I didn't point out to my opponent how close they were, and they were luckily ignored next turn, when they rallied.

This left him with two vendettas with troops and a chimera with troops. They all went back in to my deployment, while I foolishly misunderstood the mission and thought I had to have more troops in my deployment zone than he did...and Pete happily didn't remind me that I was being stupid. Luckily Sean stopped by near the end of the game and rescued me, where I had enough time to kill off two of the troop units in my deployment zone and get two of mine in to his, for a 2-1 win!

Seriously, this game was all about some incredibly hot dice for me on turn 2. I even had hot Flickerfields to save my ass from his return fire on turn 2. Hey, it's better to be lucky than good, right! Big salute to Pete for taking that ridiculous round of dice I had in stride and not losing his cool. As I understand things, if he'd had a better result versus me (even just a Draw, I think) he would have won first place!

So, a nice 2-0 start, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable to draw Jorge Ruiz and his Blood Angels for the third game!

Game Three

Jorge had Mephiston (of course!); two ASM in AssCan Razors; a beefy Death Company with Reclusiarch in a Rhino; two AC/Las Predators; two MM/HF Speeders; a small Scout squad; and an Assault Terminator squad.

The Missions was Kill Points, I believe it was Pitched Battle, but may have been Spearhead. I won the roll (thanks, Baron!) and chose to go first. As usual I deployed centrally, and Jorge went all Reserve. This was his undoing, I think.

I shuffled things around for two turns, getting cover saves and staying out of LOS and out of Charge Range. His Reserves on turn 2 were Mephiston; the Death Company; one of the ASM/Razors; both Speeders; the Terminators; and the Scouts...lucky for me, no Predators!

His HF killed a few bikes, but with no real shooting he did nothing much else; hiding Meph behind the Razor and Rhino. The Terminators dropped back in my corner, behind all my toys.

I shuffled Reavers and Ravagers to go at the vehicles, while the Hellions and Venoms turned around and moved to torrent the Terminators. The Termies all died (the death blow coming from the Hellions, getting them Fearless...yeah!); the Death Company Rhino and both Speeders were destroyed.

His turn 3, and his Predators again refuse to show up! Meph jumps up and eats a Reaver squad; the Death Company run towards me; the Assault Cannons I believe immobilized a Ravager.

My turn 4 and everything moved to shoot at Meph and the Death Company, while the Hellions moved up to assault the initial Razorback. Meph died to Dark Lances. The Death Company barely survived, with just the Reclusiarch (wounded) and 2 bodies left. The Hellions wrecked the Razor.

His turn 4, the Preds showed up and started blowing things up left and right. I lost two Ravagers (the immo one was blasted by ASM from the intact Razor, Preds killed the other; Assault Cannon took down a Venom.

My turn 5 I finished off the ASM from the dead Razor with Hellions and killed off the Death Company. He shot up more of my paper airplanes, but I ended up winning on KP, I believe something like 9 to 6. A great game, I'd seen Jorge at a lot of events and was happy to finally get to play him!

*I've run out of time for now; will post more later tonight or tomorrow!*

*Continuing on!*

We didn't have enough time after this game finished (this was one where we played over the time limit, I think) to get any food. I was very hungry, very tired, my cold-meds were wearing off, and I really just wanted to curl up with a steak and a drink and sleep as much as I could. Sadly, there were 4 games to play on the first day, so we just had time for a Mt. Dew and some chit chat. While chatting with Sean, I said, "I'll be ok if I can play some kind of Marine...something uncomplicated that I understand: Wolves, Blood Angels, Logan, Vulkan...I don't care, just something I understand."

So of course I got paired up with another army that I'd never ever seen before and hadn't even read about, Sisters of Battle! Rich had a BEAUTIFUL army, and sadly I knew virtually nothing about how it worked. This cost me, quite a bit actually...

He had the immortal battle-nun Sister Celestine, Uriah in a unit of DCA and Crusaders, 3 Sister units in Rhinos loaded with Melta; 2 Dominion units loaded with Melta in Immolaters with Multi-melta; and 3 Exorcists.

To my untrained eye, this looked like just a melta-heavy marine list with a melee beatstick. The mission, though, made things look grim. It was table-quarters, but to hold a table quarter you used the same rules as holding an have to have a troop unit in the quarter, and no enemy units AT ALL in the table quarter. Yes...virtual auto-draw. And you thought C&C was bad!

So I won the roll, and chose to go first, hoping to shut down some shooting before things went too poorly for me. I had a healthy respect for the Exorcists, but hoped to stop the short-range melta before it could get me too beat up. This was Dawn of War, and I deployed the Hellions front and center, with a long tail for the Baron to catch. He Flanked one of the Dominions, everything else walking on turn 1.

I shuffled around, Reavers moving up to give cover to the Hellions, nothing to shoot. He came on, had good Night Fight rolls with his Searchlights and took out about half the Reavers and a Ravager.

On turn 2 I was able to take out an Immolator and an Exorcist, and the Hellions combo-charged Dominion and wrecked another Rhino. This left me exposed to counter assault from the DCA, but from my Grey Knight math-hammer, this was a win for me, as I'd lose a ton but should kill off all of them.

He then did an absolutely brilliant move, tank-shocking through my Hellions with two Rhinos, getting me so strung out that there was no way I could get all piled-in to where the DCA were coming. I still didn't feel too horrible, as I thought I'd lose most of them, then hit-and-run away and go eat the Exorcists.

Only after he charged did I learn how absolutely ridiculous Uriah makes the DCA. They all get another attack, they get to reroll misses, AND Feel No Pain! As if DCA weren't stupidly good enough already! So, needless to say, the Hellions all died for minimal loss to the DCA. The Baron lived but Hit and Ran Away.

His shooting that turn was very unremarkable, as the Exorcists were only able to shake/stun a few of my toys. The Baron and some Reavers went after the last Exorcists, shutting them down. I got more Sisters out of their Rhino, and Venoms killed them all.

More Sisters got out to shoot at things, and all died to Venoms. His last Sisters all died on Turn 4. The game devolved in to me running Venoms away from Celestine and the flanked Dominion & Immolator to stay in position to score late.

Sadly he was able to contest two quarters with immobilized weapon-destroyed exorcists; sister celesting contested the third, and the last few Dominion models and their Immolater (it might have been dead too, I can't remember) contested the fourth. Uriah and a couple DCA models were still lurking around too. I had 2 Venoms, 2 Warriors and Wracks, Baron, and 2 Ravagers still going around, but no way to win. I felt I overcame the DCA disaster pretty well, and under Nova-stylel table quarter rules would have won easily...but...a Draw when the game ended on 5.

Not a horrible way to end the day. We spent some time talking about possible 6th turns, and I don't think I had a very good chance of winning in another turn, just because there were so many not-quite-dead vehicles hulls to go thru. A draw kept me in 4th'ish place, tied with Rich who I'd just played. Alex Fennel and Andrew Gonyo had just tied there game as well (in fact, of everyone I talked to, everyone tied that mission....go figure!). That meant on Sunday I was going to have to play either the happy pink Necrons of Mr. Fennel, or the incredibly potent Grey Knights of Andrew.

During dinner with Sean, while watching the Broncos self-destruct, I said a million times I'd rather face the unknown Necron tricks and play Alex than deal with stupid Grey Knights.

Guess which one I got to play.

Yeah, Andrew's Grey Knights were about as rock-solid as possible. Coteaz and a Grandmaster (with fun grenades) were in a Stormraven with 4 Crusaders and about 150 DCA. 10 Purifiers with 2 Psycannons and 2 Immolators sat in a Rhino. 3 Psybolt Autocannon Dreads were there (at least they weren't Venerable), and there were 5 min Acolyte units in Psybolt Heavy Bolter Razorbacks.


Andrew of course placed the biggest LOS blocking piece of terrain way back in a corner; I placed one to try to give some shadow to hide behind, and it of course scattered in to a corner. Andrew put the third largest piece in another table quarter, and I wrote in my notes "game over".

First turn I immoblized the Stormraven. That was nice, as at least I wouldn't have the DCA breathing down my neck. Sadly I had to go get right next to them to try to deal with the Dreadnoughts. On turn 2 I managed to shake one Dread and stun another. I underlined "game over" in my notes. I did manage to blow up a Razorback (the Heat Lances weren't in range of anything else), and Splintered down the occupants.

His turn 2 he moved up the Immolater-bearing Purifiers, where I learned I'd misjudged the threat range by more than a little bit, and they killed off a chunk of Reavers and a handful of Hellions. The DCA took the Reaver bait I set out for them, and ate them alive. But the real kick in the nuts...he destroyed every single vehicle I had. All of them. I mean, it's only 7, but still. All of them, even with what little cover I could manage, died. He had shooting to spare after killing them all. I circled "game over" in my notebook.

I went for a moral victory...these are just normal GK DCA, on the charge my Hellions should eat them! The Hellions lined it up, some Warriors lined up some Rapid Fire shots...shooting killed half or so, the the Hellions assaulted.

And had their Initiative reduced to 1 by the Grandmasters grenades and they all died. Except the Baron, who got away, but was hit by one Immolator shot on the next turn and failed his Shadowfield save.

Some days you're the bug, some days the windshield!

Andrew went on to win best overall, so no shame in the loss. Still, I can't help but dream about playing against Alex Fennel instead and having a fighting chance! Besides, I've been hoping for a game versus Alex for a long time now. Oh time, Mr. Fennel!

Game 6

Disheartened but at least no longer with a fever, we had lunch and traded stories. Returning for the last game, I found myself in a strange Twilght Zone hell where I had to fight almost the exact same army again! Brendan Gallagher had a very intimidating army, instead of Grandmaster and Stormraven, he had two DCA groups in Chimeras. He had two Purifier units that both had 4 Psycannons. He split them up and stuck them in the DCA Chimeras, the DCA got in their Razorbacks. He had a small Strike squad in a Rhino...some more Razorbacks from somewhere, I don't know how all the dedicated transport stuff worked out, but there were plenty of rides for everyone, with lots of firing points for all! Of course the ubiquitous 3 Dreadnoughts were along too. 2 minimum units of Acolytes gave up their rides and they went in reserve to take objectives late.

The terrain didn't work out quite as horribly, as I had a nice big hill to get shadow behind. This was a Spearhead mission, with 3 objectives (again). I went first (thanks, Baron!). The Reavers zoomed up to threaten everything on the next turn, as did the Hellions. The Ravagers shut up some vehicles, I don't remember the details too well...sorry!...but there were some guys on foot to  His first turn he blasted up some Reavers, and did some shake/stuns to some Ravagers. Not too horrible.

My second turn I set another ideal "alpha strike" for me, with Reavers all lined up to take out 2 dreads and the lead Vehicle...Ravagers were lined up to take out vehicles and the Hellions were ready to assault whatever fell out. The dice gods frowned upon me though (I used all my like vs. the IG player, it seems!), and I only managed to kill one Dread, and get some weapon destroyed/Immobile on a few vehicles. I then had a tough choice...send the Hellions in to assault vehicles and take DCA to the face, or run away and likely take no DCA but kill nothing.

Now clearly I should have done the second, but I was playing loose and stupid. I assaulted two vehicles, one of them was Immo and the other had only moved 6" I had a good chance of at least doing SOMETHING to them, instead did nothing but immo/wd/shake/stuns and were left standing to take DCA to the face.

Which I did. I didn't do horribly against them, killing about half after Brendon made some really key Invuln saves for them. I being to write "game over" in my notes, but scratched it out...he'd lost a ton of mobility and all the objectives were on my side of the table.

I spent some turns focusing on stopping things from moving, and by the time the "end-game" rolled around, he had one mobile Rhino left. All the other vehicles were dead or immobile, including the Dreadnoughts. Venom fire thinned out the troops so he only had a unit of 1DCA, a unit with 1 Strike Squad, 3 Acolytes in that aforementioned Rhino, and another 2 acolytes on foot. I had all my Venoms, Warriors, Wracks, and 2 Ravagers. He also had Coteaz and two combat squads of Purifiers (only one with Psycannons). I moved well enough to have a win on turn 6 unless he killed 6 Reavers, a Venom, and the Warriors in the Venom all on the bottom of 6 using 1 Assassin and 4 Purifiers.

He did.

So, the tournament ended with a disappointing draw. I felt I'd done really well against a fearsome GK list, but he had the hot dice when it mattered, soft-killing the Venom on the Objective with bolters, and making the Difficult Terrain roll required to get over it in to the Warriors that fell out. Not only wasn't it the result I was hoping for, but I managed to break 4 models during the game (4 and a half, of the Venoms has a flag mast thing mostly broken through). Sigh.


I ended up 14th overall (with a very disappointingly low appearance score...more on that later). I was 9th in Battle Points. By my math, if Brendon had failed that last turn save (which was brilliantly done!) I would have ended up with Best General (the only folks that would have had more battle points had one 1st-3rd overall, which trumped General it seems).

The overall winner was Andrew Gonyo with his Grey Knights.

Second overall was Alex Fennel with his super happy-pink Necrons (I wish I could show you the pictures of that army! It's all pink with flowers and daugher would love it!)

Third overall went to Brookie Andrews with Grey Knights;

Fourth was Bill Souza with Daemons;

Fifth was Rich Thorkorn (spelling?) with his Sisters;

Sixth was Jorge Ruis with Blood Angels;

Seventh was my boy Sean Nayden with Tyranids! Go Sean!;

8th Andrew Rubino with Grey Knights;

the entry for 9th is vague: James T. no army listed...not sure what that army was, sorry;

and 10th overall was Ragnar Arneson with his Blood Angels.

Sean Nayden won Best Sportsmanship, and Chris Dubuque (Jawaballz) won best appearnace. Players choice went to Bill Souza's Daemons.

I'm really hoping that next year is more smooth, with more transparency and better missions, terrain placement, and round timing information. If things run the same next year, I'd not desire to go back. Instead I'll try to start a dialogue with Aaron to see if he'll let me help him run one of the events.

Thanks for reading! I'll be discussing how I think the army did (trying to seperate it's failings from mine!) and discuss my paint score and what I need to do. Also I need to talk about the Vampire Counts and my Epic Vayl army, too!

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