Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Waaagh! Orky thoughts about spreading out!

So I've been playing my Orks for awhile now. I started putting them together with the models from Black Reach, and added some things I thought would be fun. I wanted to primarily stay a hordish army, avoiding the 'Evil Sunz' speedy lists (not only from a table-top preference, but because of the effect on my wallet...those vehicles aren't cheap!). As a list-building philosophy, I noticed that the "tournament" lists all seemed to have a big focus on taking units/weapons that were good for killing the different targets they might find: a few anti-armour weaons, a few anti-horde weapons, a few anti-MEQ weapons, etc. I thought that I'd focus on denying targets for the anti-armour weapons and overwelm the anti-horde weapons. I've been using 3-4 big boy units for awhile now (after some semi-successful forays in to using giant herds of grots) in combination with some light shooting, maneuver, and decoy elements: Shokk Attack Gun, Lootas, Warbikers (with Klaw Nob), Nobs in a Trukk. All those extra things, nobs, bikers, nob-bikes, lootas, etc. really only are there in my list to help the boyz get to where they need to be: fighting the enemy. Popping APCs and absorbing firepower are what I want them to do, while the boyz run their little green buttz off to giit sum klomp'n! My Ork lists have served me pretty well. I think I blend the hordey-ness of many large boyz mobs with shooty or fast hard-hitting units pretty well. I've managed to win a small local tournament, do well in our local store's 'pyramid' league, hang with the big boys and end up in a giant tie for 3rd (one point behind the two-way tie for 1st!) in a larger tournament...but I don't attribute those wins to my playing ability, or to my list-making ability...I attribute them to one thing: Spreading out. Now I know this sounds obvious, but the more spread out the boyz are, the fewer of them get hit by templates and blasts. It never seems to surprise me how few people really take the time to spread out. Early on in my Orkish endeavors I purchased a Gale-Force 9 tool: The Tactical Tempalte. http://www.gf9.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=235 This thingy makes it a breeze to ensure all my Boyz are spread out 2" apart. Do you know how many models are hit by a Blast template if they're spread 2" apart? That's right...one! If in a 'squarish' formation spread out 2" apart, only 5 are hit by a large blast! And Flamers should only hit 3! Spreading out, however, is a monstrous pain. It takes a long time to deploy, a long time to move, and my opponent probably is annoyed. But it keeps the boyz alive long enough to do what they're created for: Klomp'n! So you aspiring ork players out there...take the time and be patient enough to spread out! Minimize your exposure to the more common anti-horde weapons (blasts and templates) and your boyz will thank you by kicking butt!

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