Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Square Bases in 40k? Who cares?!

Despite what one might think from seeing the armies I talk about here, I'm primarily a Fantasy player (at least that's what I keep telling myself). My first "complete" army was a Daemon army I put together for Alamo 08. It's not the greatest thing ever, in fact didn't score well at all (47 out of 60?), but it's done and it's mine. And it's on square bases.

So now I'm wanting to expand out from my Orks a bit more with the Dark Eldar (which I've barely even started painting...) and use my Daemons in 40k.

Now playing games at the FLGS is one thing...nobody I know would have any problem with me using square bases.

But I've considered using them in two other tournaments now: in one case, the organizer wanted me to tack round bases underneath them to use for measuremen; in the other they were flat-out refused.

I can't help but wonder why.

From how I see things, being on square bases has such a minimal effect on gameplay that refusing them seems unnecessarily complicated.

Some of the effects I can see possibly happening:

Deep-striking...by the rules, I have to place one model, scatter him, then place the others in base-to-base with him in expanding rings. If done with round bases, I end up with a small-blast target that will hit 7 of my models. If in square bases, it will hit 9. Square bases are a liability.

Moreover, the square "corner" could more easily clip something that would require a mishap roll. Again, a liability.

Measuring distances...it's possible that an unscrupulous player of square-based Daemons might 'turn' his models so that the extra few milimeters of the corner could get him in to range of an assault or ranged weapon, which could be considered an advantage for square bases...


first, that's an unscrupulous player; i.e. a cheater. If he's not trying to Win At All Costs with his square base twist, he's probably doing other things...it's not the square base that's the problem, it's the unscrupulous player.

A mature, respectful, sportsmanlike player would do the opposite: turn the model so that a square flat is facing the target so that the appropriate range can be measured.

Even if he doesn't, that square corner? That works both ways...if the opponent is in position to fire at the 'corner' as opposed to the 'flat' of the square, guess what: he gets those extra few mm's for himself.

So as for measuring purposes, it seems it's only an advantage for an unscrupulous player, but is a disandvantage for anyone using square-bases, so again: disadvantage to square bases.

I'd love to hear some opinions of how square bases can provide an advantage for the player of said square-bases, and therefore why they should not be allowed in tournaments.

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