Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bloody Valentine Warriors of Chaos - Starting the Painting!

Well I have all the models for the 2250 list I'm going to try to field for our Bloody Valentine tournament. If I get these done as fast as I hope, I might use this if I get in to Conflict, too...otherwise, Daemons it is!

The center-piece is going to be the Nightmare Dragon. I'm going to get the Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount model and see if the rider will fit on there, and of course work on the saddle and base. The dragon is a GW model, but cleary not a Chaos Dragon (only one head!), but I don't expect anyone will complain. I'd posted about him before...I painted that whole guy in less than 2 hours with just GW! He's no prize-winner, but he's not bad, either!

The other two Hero slots will be taken up by the two Level 1 Sorcerors of Tzeentch on discs.

One of them I'd already painted up fairly decent...sadly probably my best work. He's also integral in one of my Tzeentch Chariots. The halberd blad has broken off about a dozen long will it last this time?

The bulk of the army is made up of Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen armed with Light Armour, Flails and Javelins. I'm hoping to do the dogs with a white primer and quick wash job...with some real paint work on the gribbly bits!

A couple of chariots will provide some offensive oomph, hopefully getting nice charges after the dogs & horsemen have fled from enemy charges! I intend to paint them a primarily black with metallic trim "standard" chaos color, but hope to find some way to Slaanesh-ify them. I don't want the Slaanesh theme on them to be horribly overwelming, as I might use them with a different mark at another time. I might just try to add some banner poles with Slaanesh symbols on them...easily removable.

And the real power in the list, a couple of units of six Chaos Knights with Standards and Musicians. I'm not too fond of the new plastics, so have picked up some of the previous edition. I'm struggling to find the 11th and 12th guys...have one coming from Ebay, and have that ancient guy for now, unless I find something else nicer. They're also going to be done in a standard black with metal trim chaos sceme, though the one guy with the sword in the air is already painted Tzeentch (he's my backup dragon rider if nothing else works!).

The basing I intend to do rocky wastes with a lot of snow. I've not done a snow-themed base yet, looking forward to trying it!

But above all, I want to get this army painted BEFORE it's a last-minute emergency! I DO NOT want to be up until 2am the night before finishing off the bases again!

More to come as I make progress!


  1. I have the Chaos Lord from the Daemonic Mount, detatched from his rider... if you want to see if he fits, shoot me an email and next time we meet up I can bring him along and you can test for yourself, without having to buy the box.

  2. Thanks Brian, but I already ordered the guy from Hobbytown. Even if he doesn't fit on the dragon, I like the guy a lot anyway...would find someway to work him in to army that doesn't include a dragon :)