Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tzeentch Chariots

I've been working for ages now and what I'm going to use as my two Tzeentch Chariots.
The first is just a Tzeentch Lord on Disc stuck on a Chariot Base with two Screamers in front of him. My intent is to use some gold jewelry chain so the disk is being pulled by the screamers. Here's some poor quality images...hopefully my picture taking ability will improve with my modeling skills. :)
You can see in the shot below I'm having a hard time keeping his Halberd blade attached. It was 'bent' went I got the model, broke off when trying to straighten it, and hasn't stayed attached threw a game since then. I'll have to pin it, but it's such a tiny shaft pinning will be hard!
My BSB is a regular horror with a banner put in his hand with a wad of greenstuff. It's a Bloodletter banner with the Khorne symbol cut off making the top look irregular and unfinished. It's hard to see in these shots, but the yellow on the banner is not coming out well, it's very streaked and blotchy. I've put on about 6 coats so far, and it's slowly improving, but I want something bright yellow! I've got some red Tzeentchy decals to put on after the yellow satisfies me.
The Disc is an old (lead, I think) Tzeentch Champion's disc. To give it the spikey parts, I used some really thin cardboard (it's somewhere between cardboard and cardstock) and a sharp knife to mimic the pointy bits on the Lord on Disc model. I used the same color sceme on his disk, trying to mimic what I'd done with fading by drybrushing on the Lord with washes. The tentacles dangling off the back will be Green. (In fact, as you'll see...if my camerawork improves...everything in the army has green tentacles, tongue, warts, veins...something is green on everybody!) Like the Lord on Disc chariot, this one will have gold chain to be the 'pully-things'.
Bases on the whole army will be a simply Ashen Waste look...fine sand, paint black, then successively lighter drybrushes of dark grey, light grey, and finally white.

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