Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A long hiatus!

Well, shortly after making this blog, my work took over my life for awhile. The leaves are turning, and I feel like I've missed the whole summer! I've been painting in little spurts, and practicing with my army on Lorenz every chance I get...I'm still not very good, but practice makes perfect! My list has evolved a bit since I started. I was disappointed with the Bloodletters, and in a competitive environment I thought their command was not only a waste of points for me, but a gift of 100 points for my enemy! Similarly, while the Chariot with the d3 CR banner is incredible in a fight, able to take on ranked units (I've even had him take a charge from Grail Knights and challenge his way in to a win!), it is horribly vulnerable to missile fire...a great big Target with a flashing neon SHOOT HERE sign! So, here's what my 2250 list looks like now: 2x Heralds of Tzeentch on Chariots. Both have Master of Sorcery. One has Spell Breaker. The other has the Sundering Banner (-2 to cast spells of one lore). Yes, this pegs the cheese meter, but I think it's less cheese than the -2 to Leadership banner. 1 Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaught with Armour of Khorne (he goes in the small Bloodletter unit, allowing it to rank up a bit and giving them Hatred so they don't completely suck). I purposely did not take the Firestorm Blade so I'd have something able to damage the ubiquitous Dragon Princes. Skulltaker on a Jugger. He pegs the cheese meter too, but he's my answer to the lists with Lords on Dragons. 2x 18 Horrors. I don't know how I ended up with 18...that's just how the points and the number of models I have landed. I wanted them to be level 2 so they can sling Gift of Chaos to steal ranks from nearby combats, and also so they can cast Flickering Fire with their own dice with something like a 90% chance success rate. I've learned that even with their gimpy T3, they're able to tar pit half-way decent, and if I don't play like a chump I can have something counter-charge to good effect. With 18, they can take a few random shots from missile troops and maintain level two. 11 Bloodletters. Yeah, it borders on minimum core cheese, but with a Jugger in the unit it gets two ranks. A little bit quick, a little bit ranked, and keeps the Herald from taking a Cannonball to the face. 2x 5 Flesh Hounds. What can you say bad about these guys? I've considered buying more, just for the option to put more on the table! 5 Furies. I'd like to have more, and actually have 10 models, but haven't found anything I want to give up to get them. 5 doesn't seem to be enough to take out anything...but they attract attention and crossfire. Maybe drop the extra Horrors and go 2x 16? 6 Flamers. These things are utterly ridiculous. 2 Fiends. I love the speed and the massive number of attacks. and I've added 3 Screamers to help soften things up. A Slashing Attack is a fun way to steal a rank, and I thought these might help against Regeneration. So that's it...2250 points of Daemon Cheese. Thoughts?

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