Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running out of time!

Well, I started to make a thing to take photos on, but I'm running out of time! I wanted to document the painting as I finished, but need to get these done before Alamo. Our flight leaves on Nov 2, I've got less than 2 weeks! Things aren't hopeless, though... I need to finish up the BSB Chariot...that's 2 evenings work. Skulltaker on the Jugger is about 1/3 done (base coat done on jugger). And I need to do 3 Screamers (maybe I can get something done quick with these new cool washes!) But then I need to base everything! I want to do a quick & easy "ashen waste" look, with sand painted black, with dargrey, light grey, and white successively lighter highlights. Hopefully I can get my son to help do the basing to make things move a bit faster! Sorry for lack of pictures...but sadly they'll have to wait until after the big event!

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