Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remember when 3++ was good?

I mean, there was a time where if you had a unit with a 3+ Invulnerable was GOOD!

It was so good, some cool guys down under named their blog after it!

Amongst all the chattering about nerfing 2+ rerollable invulnerable saves, it occurred to me today...that's what you need to survive!

I am of the opinion that the problem with the game these days is how ridiculously easy it is for "Super-Shooty" armies to remove whatever they want, whenever they want.

Shooting effectiveness has scaled up so much in the last year or so that having a 3+ Invuln isn't good enough...

having a 2++ isn't good enough!

The only units that survive the ridiculous fusillade of firepower that modern armies generate are those with a 2++ AND a reroll!

The "Talking Heads" that are discussing such things are suggesting that the 2+ rerollable save is detrimental to the game.

Me, I think it's the only thing saving it. If you remove it (the compromise floating around is to make the reroll work on a 4 instead of a 2), all you're doing is pushing people to play Tau and Eldar.

The game will come down to who can get the best first strike in.

And to me, that's even more boring and interactive. Opponent shoots, I remove models. Blah.

Want to fix the game? Deter the super-shooty armies by using A LOT MORE LINE-OF-SITE blocking terrain! Then and only then should discussion about "balancing" the two units in the game that can not be instantly removed by Serpent or Broadside spam be undertaken.

Oh my, I think I ranted! Have a nice Thursday!

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