Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Templecon Preps: Daemon Painting Complete

Hey, I'm not winning any Golden Daemons, or even best-painted, but I like how these little meanies look, and I'm thrilled to be done all-night painting mission the night before the event!

What do you think?

First up is my trio of Horrors. Units are divided by model color, Pink (with Changeling), Blue, and Purple. The really old models are the guys with Bolt of Tzeentch. They were painted many years ago, and have been continually touched up and tweaked. Some of the more recent models were painted with actual paints, and some were done with white spray base and Washes. I've had these little guys for a long time, and I'm happy to still be able to use them!

Antler Guy is the Bolt, giving YOU The Finger is the Changeling

Next are the Flamers...the unit everyone loves to hate! I'm "only" taking units of seven to this event...not because I'm trying to be nice or anything, but I just found other things to spend the points on :)

I'd like to have different colored models for each unit, but I'd gone too far with the firey look...
so they get different colored base edges!

My fourth Troop choice, the Plaguebearers. I'm happy with how these guys came out. Bright colors, not too drab and boring. Pussy icky and gooey!

I'm quite pleased with the swords...Thanks Tim!!
 I should say the Plaguebearers are the last SCORING Troop choice, as I've become quite fond of the Nurglings! They came out a lot more drab that I had hoped, but the intent was to make them look like shit daemons, and I think that worked!

My six-year old daughter helped...hell, she did the basing on them! Only part I did was the drybrushing. My 8-year old helped her with the black basecoat. Sadly their young hands slathered a bit of black on the Nurglings here and there, and Daddy had to do some touchup, but it was well worth the quality time spent with them!

She has dubbed them The Poopie Cheerleaders! How awesome is that?

I'd wanted Skull Bases for them too, but I didn't think of it in time. I'll likely order some soon, and do a quick re-base, but I hate to invalidate all the work the kids did!

The part of the army I'm most fond of, I feel like I get the most mileage from these guys, the Screamers! Three units of 8 in this army, a different color for each unit...again, Pink, Blue, and Purple!

My wife did the eyes on the newer Screamer models. I went over the boney-scaly parts again this week to make them pop a bit more. I'd like to add more green tentacles, but can't seem to find the bitz...the newer boxes come with LOTS of tentacles to add on!

Some of the bases are sadly textured/painted from when they'd been on Square bases. I don't heave any spare small flying bases, and no good way to scrape that stuff off, so, I'm stuck with it. I startedd doing them all so they'd match, but that just seems like throwing good money after bad. Maybe I can get some appropriately sized skull bases so everything matches! The mismatched flying stands is definitely the part of this army that stands out the most to me! :(

And the leader of this sordid bunch...Fateweaver himself! This poor guy was left in a box in my trunk for a month, so he needed a lot of touchup. He still has some dings and chips which I haven't repaired, and his staff is bent (some chicks like it that way!). I strongly expect he'll be dropped and broken during Templecon, so I'm not going to sweat it!

A book on a stick with a fish on top...why!??!

So that's the lot, 2000 points of hopefully mean as shit Daemons! I'm pleased with how they all look together!

Note the Mt. Dew 12-pack in the background. What pics of mine would be complete without Mt. Dew in there somewhere? At least there's no crotches in these pics...

Hope to see you at Templecon!

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