Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I took 3 days vacation last week to net me 13 days off in a row...I even got a few days with the wife and kids away, AND my day-after-Christmas dentist appointment was rescheduled!

While there was little blogging, I did have a fair amount of hobby and gaming activity, including starting a few new games!

So just a quick bit of nonsensical babble about what nonsense I was up to the last few weeks!

First and foremost, lots of Borderlands and Black Ops, and more than a little Third Age Total War ...if you enjoy the Total War gameplay and are a Tolkien geek, I highly recommend!

I hosted a small WFB tournament at the Hobbytown in New Milford on the 29th. We had 6 scheduled (including myself), but one had to cancel at last minute (medical issue), and another couldn't get out of work in the afternoon, so I played his third game.

Brief meta breakdown: Warriors of Chaos with just 4 units: giant horde of Chosen, giant horde of Warriors, and two Warshrines. He had a Lord and BSB, and 2 Wizards. The Wizards were Nurgle, the rest was all Tzeentch. Very mean units, but in my opinion needs some chaff! He took first place, going 2-1 (his one loss being to my...he had no good way to deal with the Ethereals);

Skaven with 2 doomwheels, HPA, Bell, and lots of skittering little rat-men. He would have had second place, I think, but he left to go to work. Next time call in sick, man!

Empire...I didn't get a good look at his stuff, but he was very War Machine heavy.

Dark Elves. New player, first WFB tournament. He did pretty well, learning some things and getting a feel for how the game works. I wish I'd spent more time helping him, but I distracted myself with my Gauls!

And I stepped in as the ringer, with my Vampires.

We all had a good time. Everyone forgot their rulebook but me, which was amusing! We're all so out of practice at Fantasy and constantly passing the one poor book around! Prizes were limited, but we had fun! I sure do miss playing a lot of Fantasy!

I've mentioned Gauls a few times...several of us are starting up Ancient armies...think Rome: Total War...using the Hail Caesar! game system. I'm building a Gallic Horde...I bought myself this army for Christmas: my wife has no idea what to get me, and I know I was a good boy!

My army will consist of roughly 300 guys. Lots of stuff to paint, should keep me busy until I retire at the rate I paint! Still, I'm looking forward to the challenge! I've assembled a few of them and based them up so we can get some practice games in, here they are:

Skirmishing Slingers

Cavalry...either one small Light Cavalry unit, or half a Medium Cavalry unit

Medium Infantry Warband

General's Bodyguard unit...note the special "linebreaker" models in the front rank

Fanatics...swinging meat aplenty!

Generals...the head cheese in the middle, flanked by 2 of the Division Generals

Everything I have assembled so far...about 1/5 the total force!!!

And finally, a really unpleasant experience on Vassal 40k. I have to say that this was by far the most negative thing that's happened to me on Vassal, or Lorenzo/Universal Battle, and ranks high up there with all my online experiences (I'm old...I've been playing internet games since there was an internet!).

I wanted a game of 40k a few nights ago. None of my friends were available, so I got a "Pick-up Game" against a guy named "darkjediben".

I first asked him if he wanted a hard or soft game. He seemed to take offense at this, saying he didn't know what I meant, but that he didn't go to tournaments. Based on that, I chose a 'softer' list:

Libbie Terminator Epistolary with Null Zone and Avenger

2x 10 Sternguard (Fist, 4x combi-melta; 2x combi-plasma, 2 Heavy Flamers) in Pods
2x 10 Tactical (Melta Bomb, Combi-melta, Plasmagun, Multi-melta) in Pods

2x 2 Assault Bikes with Multi-melta

2 Thunderfire Cannons with Pods.

He pulled out a very hard-as-nails Necron list:

2 Overlords with all the usual tricks in CCB
Courts with lots of junk, including many despairteks
4 Warrior units in Night Scythes
Deathmarks in a Night Scythe
6 Wraiths (I think 3 had Whips)
3 Annihilation Barges

We deployed, he went first, started shooting, and despite his list simply saying "Annihilation Barge", he magically had Gauss on them, cutting thru the armor on the Attack Bikes. I pointed out to him that if he's deviating from the standard wargear he should put it on his list, he got pissy.

The same thing then happened with the CCBs. I pointed it out again, he got pissy again. "It's on the model that way!" which I said, "Yes, but you put the model out after you saw my list. To be clear you should have it on  your list". I made very sure to tell him it was not a big deal for me, but he grumbled about it for awhile nonetheless.

My droppods came in. My first shooting with some melta guys went really horrible. Comic bad dice (as I typically have on Vassal), and I made some jokes about it...I put little smiley faces on the jokes, to be clear to folks that I'm joking. One of them was something like, "Wow, with shooting like that, I guess it's Good Game! :) "

I then went on with the second unit's shooting, while I was doing that he typed up a tirade that basically said "putting all those smiley faces doesn't make you less of a whiny bitch."

To which I said, "Oh, ok..Good night, then." and left the game.

This is where it should have ended, as clearly he wasn't having fun with my smiley faces, and I wasn't going to have fun being called a whiny bitch by a cheating douche-bag. But no.

He changed his name to "Ordo Bob is a Whiny Rage Quitter" and spent the next THREE HOURS following me around on vassal spamming out-of-context quotes to try to ensure that I didn't get another game in that evening.

Really mature, darkjediben!

So, those of you that frequent Vassal, please save yourself an unpleasant time and avoid this guy!

So coming up in a few weeks is another 2k 40k tournament at Stratford's Gaming, Etc. I want to take Daemons, but don't want the stigma. Sucks. I think I'll try a softer list, maybe only one unit of Screamers and Flamers, and lots of Soul Grinders! On the other hand, I don't know if I want to tie a hand behind my back when the competition is getting tougher (Sean's list kicks my teeth in....more on that later!)...many BFS guys are going to be there, and they'll be bringing the pain. Oh, the dilemma!

After that is Templecon! I'm all signed up, paid, room reserved, ready to go! Exciting times coming! :)

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