Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BFS Game 2 - Daemon on Daemon action (Not as sexy as it sounds...)

After a happy round 1 win, I had some lunch ( fresh!) and went on to game 2 vs. Daemons!

The army was Nick Nanavanti's from The Brown Paintbrush, runner-up in the 2012 Nova Open, but it was being run by his friend Dan. His army was a bit different from mine, but not by much:

2 Daemon Princes of Slaanesh - Wings, Hide, Might, Breath, Aura, Musk
4 units of 5 Plaguebearers (2 with Icons)
3 units of 5 Screamers
3 units of 6 Flamers with Pyrocasters

I have to admit to my memory of this game being pretty fuzzy. Slight spoiler, I played daemons (almost the same list!) again in game 3, and those two games blur together badly! So, sorry, this one will be brief!

I won the roll, had him go first. He didn't get the wave he wanted, landing a bunch of plaguebearers and flamers. I didn't get my preferred wave either, landing Flamers and Horrors. I went after the Plague guys to take away his troops, and was able to kill off 2 units. I also took out a few Flamers, softening things a bit.

We had a lot of back and forth maneuver, with him dropping away from things to take advantage of an Icon, which let me get the first hits on many things. I focused on Flamers early, dogpiling multiple Flamers and Screamers in to his Flamer units to wipe them out.

I had a Prince fighting a bunch of Flamers at one point, and was actually able to turn one of them in to a Spawn...the only time this happened in the weekend. I grounded his Fateweaver and charged with a Prince. He then charged that Prince with Screamers, but I challenged, and Fateweaver could not refuse as he's a unit of a single model...Dan was not pleased with this. This was the key point of the game, as it kept his Fateweaver and Screamers tied up while my Prince was relatively safe.

By late game he was down to two troop unit and one Prince roving around, while I had all my Horrors holding objectives. I threw Screamers in to Plaguebearers, and he used a Prince to save them.

While he used another Prince to contest an objective, but I was able to kill him off with Flamers and the Lord of Change.

And I killed enough of his last Troop unit to keep them from being within 3".

The Fateweaver Prince combat never resulted in anything, though our Fateweavers spent many turns trying to turn each other in to Spawn...stressful times rolling those T tests!

I ended up winning on Objectives, Qtrs, and KP...

AND I won a raffle prize! Vehicle status markers...handy with all my vehicles! :)

This was a swirling confusing game of maneuver that I wish I'd captured on film better so I could communicate it. Dan and I both moved very cagily to try to focus on one part of the enemy at a time. Getting all my stuff in on Turn 2 (thanks to the rerolling reserves Warlord trait) made that a lot easier for me!

Dan was a quality opponent, playing a really great game with an army I don't think he'd had much practice with. I have no doubt he'll be re-reading the challenge rules! Thanks for the game, Dan!

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