Thursday, October 11, 2012

BFS 2012 Game 3: The Warp Rift Widens

After a mentally exhausting chess-match in round 2, I was 2-0 and ready to fall over...adrenalin and coffee was wearing off, so I started pounding Mt. Dew and Gatorade (it's important to stay hydrated).

My round 3 opponent was Jorge Ruiz...I think this is our 3rd time going at each other in tournaments, both other games were hard-fought games that came down to the wire, and this one was no exception. Unfortunately for Jorge, I have a small Bladder, and had to run to the toilet every other turn :)

Jorge was using Daemons...a very popular army this year! Fateweaver, Lord of Change, 2 Daemon Princes, Plaguebearers, Flamers, Screamers...the usual suspects, with the still effective Fiends thrown in as well!

I believe I won the roll-off, and had Jorge go first. He did not get his preferred wave, so Plagues and Flamers came down.

Not to be outdone, I also did not get the wave I wanted, so Horrors and Flamers came down. I have a vague memory of blowing away some Plagues with flamers...but...old and blond.

He then got in Fateweaver, his Lord, and a Prince, along with some Screamers. Not a lot of action yet, as we're still deep-striking and trying to get position.

His Flying Meanies shoot up a unit of my Flamers, and some Screamers did Slash Attacks on some of my Horrors, but for the most part turn 2 is boring all the way around.

Bottom of 2 I got in Fateweaver, Lord of Change, and a Prince, along with 2 Screamer units. I Slash-attacked one of his Screamer units, dropping it down to a single model left. Then I did something I was quite proud of. I was in a spot where he'd have the initiative, able to jump on my FMC with his, as he'd have the first real 'movement' turn. I had to do something tie things down, so I moved up some surviving Flamers near where Fateweaver was swooping, and unloaded everything in the army with a ranged attack, hoping to ground the big guy. Nothing was successful, until the final opportunity where the Flamers fired their Warpfire, did a wound and brought the big man down! They then charge in to him! What...Flamers in melee, you say? Yeah, why not! Fateweaver has only 2 attacks, he'll be stuck on those Flamers most of the game unless he brings in something to kill them off, then there's TWO flying meanies grounded on my turn!

This worked out perfectly for me, as Jorge sent a Daemon Prince in to kill off those Flamers. Then he realized that he'd be in assault range of my flying meanies, and consolidated away from me...this left his Lord of Change outside Fateweaver's bubble!

So I Vector-striked the Lord of Change, and shot him dead. Then the rest of my shooting went on the grounded Fateweaver, and he failed his Morale Test! Lord of Change and Fateweaver dead at the same time, while I've still got all four of my Monsters! Excellent!!

This put things heavily in my favor, and the rest of the game was just me trying to not do something stupid to give up the game. Jorge was still very dangerous, with Fiends, Flamers, and two pissed off Daemon Princes looking to get some payback!

I focused firepower on his Fiends when they showed up, minimizing the impact they might have had. Without Fateweaver's rerolls, his Daemon Princes went down pretty easily to shooting.

Screamers then zipped around, cleaning up the Plaguebearers and Flamers that were left.

We did have an amusing fight at the very end, where his last Plaguebearers went on a hot-dice streak, beat up half a Screamer unit, and stayed alive for four combat rounds fighting Screamers and a Daemon Prince, finally dieing at the bottom of 7!

I got a massacre for this one, getting full points on Qtrs and KP, but only a few Objectives (the price I pay for having so few troop units!). I was super thrilled to have had another great game with Jorge! Thanks man!

That put me 3-0 for the first of seven Tournament Aces! Yeah! I also felt with the solid wins I'd had that my seeding should help me with a soft matchup for round one of the Gold Bracket on Sunday! Sigh...

An observation about both my Daemon opponent's armies...they both had the Mark of Slaanesh Princes with Hit and Run, but neither had opportunity to use it against me. Similarly all my AP3+ shooting and melee meant the points they spent on Iron Hide was wasted. I'll stick with my Tzeentch Princes!!

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