Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skorne Photos

Here's a few shots of the Karax and "Brute" done using the 'Mega-Army' method from No Quarter.

The "Brute" is just one of the Savages from the Battle Pack with a shield from a Chaos Warrior stuck on him. That Falchion looks a lot like a halberd to me...

And here's the Karax unit. I bought them on Ebay, and the leader was missing his banner...so I stole the banner from the Swordsmen's Leader...the UA has a banner too, and it looked funny having two leaders anyway. :)

Like I said before, they're not winning any awards, but they're striking and decent-looking, and there's no doubt they're Skorne! Most importantly, they're quick and easy to do...the Karax unit took about 2 hours total, the Brute about an hour.

I'll be working on the Gladiator tonight, I'll take some pics as I go.

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