Sunday, May 3, 2009

Minos and Giants and Spawn...Oh My!

Trying a little makeshift photography...thanks to the wife for her help!
Here's a shot of a dragon I'd done right after the GW Washes came out. He was primed white, and everything except the teeth/claws was done with washing. It's certainly not a great work of art, but he was done in just 2 hours and looks pretty handsome. The saddle is a work in progress...I'm not much of a greenstuff guy, yet!
Here's a spawn. The intent was to make him look like raw muscle, tendon, bone, and talon. The multiple eyes just kind of happened as I picked fun pieces off the spawn sprue...Khorne likes his minions to maintain situational awareness, of course!
Here's a few shots of Fred the Giant. Not sure how he got the name Fred, but I'd intended to tattoo it on his belly, but want to finish up some other things and practice my free-hand on a less sizable canvas!
And last for tonight, here's a sample Minotaur, with the addition of a chaos-y tail. All the minos will have the same coloration: the pale human-tone skin, with the red fur.
I'm not sure on how I'm going to do the basing...I think a simple and fast grass will be the best (cows should live in a pasture, after all)...the green should contrast nicely with the reds on the minos!

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