Friday, March 7, 2014


OMG you know what's so Stupid?

Me! I forgot to tell you about Stupidhammer!

What's Stupidhammer, you ask?

I'm glad you asked! It's a joint blog and podcast project some friends of mine and I are doing! We'll talk about 40k gaming, modeling, rules, lists, etc. We'll also of course talk about non-40k gaming (man can not live on 40k alone!).

Sean Nayden is involved, picking his brain for his outside the box tactical and list theories for high-level competitive play will be great fun!

Brian Fox is involved, a friend of many years, he dabbles in several different war-games and has a lot of experience with competitive gaming in 40k and Warmachine.

Tim Wright is the most amazing hobbyist I've ever met. I got to a good amount of competitive events, and I've not seen anything that compares to what Tim does! Hearing him talk about his projects and then having video/pictures on the Blog to back up what he talks about will be incredible!

And of course me, I intend to complain about Stupid 40k a lot and try to talk you out of giving Stupid GW any more of your Stupid money!

So hey, check us out! The Stupid podcast is available at the link above and on iTunes!

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