Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm not dead yet...

I haven't been blogging, haven't been hobbying, haven't been sleeping, and in fact am having a hard time remembering what I have been doing at all!

Football season just ended last weekend (I coach my son's Pop Warner team). We ended 5-3 I think (it's actually quite hard to keep track, and at this age level they don't keep standings). We had a fun season, big team with lots of kids that all did great and got better. Next year we move up to Jr. Pee Wee level where all the 'little kid' football rules go away and we follow pretty much regular football rules! Fun times ahead!

Anyway, I've nothing hobby-related to share. I'm off to 11th Company GT in Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend, but haven't touched minis since NOVA, so have very low expectations and just hoping to have a good time!

I did have some non-gaming excitement last week. I was sent to London for work on just a few hours notice. I was there for about three days, but didn't get much tourist time. I took a lot of pictures, though!

JFK from the AirTran

British Airways Lounge...

...almost completely deserted!

My box of Dramamine: very important!

Freaky seats, very comfy though!

Heathrow Express

Paddington Station

more Paddington Station

The Mad Bishop & Bear Pub at Paddington Station

Full English Breakfast at said Pub! Incredible!

I had a couple shipped back...want one?

A Fuelcell Energy DFC300-CE power plant!

Thingie on the left is the actual fuel cell, thingie straight ahead is the support equipment

A selfie of me at my workstation, the PLC Cabinet!

I'm told this one costs about $10k at Rapha cycle shop on Regent Street

London from the roof of Q3

Big Ben from the roof

The bar at Zedel


Zedel menu...I needed help with the translation!

Carrot salad...tasty!

Beef, shrooms, carrots, gravy, and mashed!

Waterloo Station

20 Fenchurch St...we have a Fuelcell in there too!

London fire memorial...222 feet tall, 222 feet from the site the fire started. The way my brain works, I thought...why not make it closer to where the fire started and it won't need to be so high!?

I kept looking for the Tardis

St. James Tavern

Fish & Chips!

My super tiny hotel room...100 pound a night for that tiny thing!

At least I didn't have to share a bathroom!

Lilywhites at Piccadilly Circus

More Piccadilly Circus

Statue of someone...

...and another of someone else. Edward?

Institue of Directors building in London, and the ubiquitous double-decker buses!

A very English-looking garden-spot

Admiralty Arch

Arch closer!

Something from a Fairy-tale sticking up over St. James park.

St. James Park!

Where the hell am I?!

Approaching Buckingham

The Palace

Looking towards Green Park and the traffic circle

Is not their climate foggy, raw, and dull?

More Buckingham

The Guard...keeping dry in his little shack

The front gate

The front door...thru the bars.

Bobby called this "The Fairy Monument"...

Plan ahead!

On patrol!

It's hard to look that stern wearing that ridiculous hat!

Me heading in to Green Park, with the Palace over my shoulder

Green Park

Piccadilly Street


Regent St

Steak & Ale Pie, Cabbage, and Mashed with meal before heading home!

I got the busted seat!

A mild worry of electric shock as I took my seat...

Guard on patrol!

Hope you enjoy! I wish I had more time to do more touristy things, but as whirlwind and busy as it was, it was nice to go!

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