Friday, July 19, 2013


Last weekend (July 12-14) I attended ConnectiCon, a "Multi-genre" Convention that was primarily anime and pop-culture CosPlay and Gaming.

Yes, Warhammer 40k and little hotties wearing skimpy outfits and pink hair! What's not to like?!

If you zoom in and look close, that guy's staring at her boobs...which is cool, cuz I was too...and so are you!

So other than ogling little girls, I was also there to play a little Warhammer...I think my priorities might be a little wacked, but regardless I took basically the same thing I took to the Charity Event and BFS RTTs a few weeks back, but upped to 2000:

Two Heralds of Tzeentch (Disc, Exalted, Level 3)
Three units of 10 Horrors (with Champions)
Two units of 8 Screamers
Two Daemon Princes (Tzeentch, Level 3, 2 Greater, 1 Lesser rewards)

From the 1850, I dropped a couple Screamers, added another troop unit, and kicked up the levels on the Heralds to Lvl 3 (for more chances to get Forewarning to enjoy 2++/Reroll sexiness).

This event was both W/L for "Best General", and Battle Points/Sports/Appearance for "Best Overall". I was a little worried about generating Battle Points with the's hard to kill, and denies people scoring, but doesn't kill things well and really lacks resilient scoring units; though the last is mitigated somewhat by the ability to reserve and deep strike, and the portal-glyph.

My first game was against a gentleman named James, who told me he was pretty new to 6e, and new to tournaments. Mine was not the list he wanted to face with his Vanilla Marines which included:

Pedro Kantor
Lvl 2 Librarian (who rolled on Pyromancy...)
2 Sternguard units (one in  Razor, one in a Rhino)
2 Tactical units (one on foot, one in a Rhino)
Devastator unit (armed as they come from the of each weapon...with a Razorback)
5 Camo Sniper Scouts
and a Land Speeder

The Mission was a Relic and Emperor's Will combo, with a 5-pt Relic in the middle and 2 3-pt Objectives placed in our respective deployment zones. He won the roll and had me go first. I deployed very centreally hiding behind some big terrain...he spread out across the table, and he infiltrated his Scouts about a foot away from my Screamers...

So I went first, put up powers, most of the army hid behind a giant wall at mid-table while the Screamers ate his scouts.

Hiding and eating favorite past-times!

He had pretty much nothing to do on his turn, as I'd hid like a girl...

I jumped over the wall, killed some vehicles and the Devs...

All his guys got out, shot up a few things, and once they were on the ground I killed all his troops with Screamers and DPs.

He Surrendered turn 3, I got max points and had a decent long break to enjoy the scenery while others finished up.

The scrum remnants after the Marines got on the ground...I spawned a Champion in a Challenge :) Fateweaver killed the Devs with Vector Strikes and Flickering Fire.

At one point during our game, a "flock" of Zombie attacked...they had some poor girl screaming on the ground (they had some body-part props that were fun)...I took a few pictures, which attracted their attention so they attacked our table, which I thought was hilarious!

The Zombie Apocalypse approaches!

They were looking for brains, but found none at my table!

We were also attacked by a Waaagh! of one. Great costume!


We went to Panera Bread for lunch, had a nice Ham and Turkey sandwich, and went back for round two to find I was paired against my friend Sean McCloud...who was using a lot of my models! No fair!!

He was Tzeentch Heavy too (and would have been all Tzeentch if I'd had enough Horrors, I think!), with no Screamers but a lot more FMC:

Lord of Change
3x Tzeentch DP with the works
16 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
10 Plagues (or something like that)
One of the FMC had an Exalted, all were level 3.

I did not get Forewarning this game, but had Iron Arm on both Princes, had Invisibility and Psychic Shrieks. I believe this was Scouring with fixed-point objectives (i.e. they were fairly distributed and not-secret). I believe Sean won the roll and had me go first...we ended up deploying in opposite corners despite Dawn deployment. I moved up hiding behind the Reichstag, staying outside of Vector range, with one Screamer unit zipping away from the action while the other supported the Birds. I threw down the portal, it scattered about 7 feet and ended up right in the middle of the table (we stopped it on the Reichstag).

Hiding behind the Reichstag

He moved up with all his 5 birds, also preventing me from Vectoring him. Boring turns for both of us.

I got Scrier's Gaze up (I drop no powers in my pursuit of the 2++ I Win button!), so got in all three Horrors...I figured they'd be handy to knock down FMC so I could slash attack or charge with Screamers or...well...something. I'm sure I had a good reason...regardless I also knew that all his reserves were NOT shooty and couldn't assault me when they dropped, so I could do two rounds of shooting with Horrors if I got mine in first...

I moved the Circus deep, outside the turn-arc of his fliers, so they'd not be Vectoring me, and I got First Blood here on a Psychic Shriek on his Grimoire-wielding Prince...he rolled something like 35 on three dice for his Ldr test and the Prince exploded. It's better to be lucky then good!

I'd just killed one of his Princes with a solid Shriek!

He then did something I didn't expect, caught me with my pants down...he dropped two Princes down to Gliding and went in to Melee with Screamers. With only a 3++ and him being T8, I risked losing the Grim and the unit (Scouring!) but hung on a turn. One of the two ended up charging in to one of my Princes that got shot up by his LoC and Fatey. I lost my DP, but he got a few licks in! His reserves came in, and he loaded up the side with the 4-pt objective, where I only had one troop close by. His big Nette unit ran to be ready to eat said Horror unit on his next turn. I have to save them! :)

I threw Invisibility and Grim on the Screamers stuck with the DP, hoping they'd survive a bit and keep that DP on the ground...though I didn't know what the hell I'd do against it. I zipped the other Screamer unit over to where things were interesting, with plans to vector strike something vulnerable or hang back and hit Nettes next turn. I got another lucky Psychic Shriek off, this time leaving his Prince that had killed mine with 1 wound left...I assaulted and killed it with the Mutating Warpblade, earning myself a Spawn! I foolishly tried to Vector that Prince, which endangered my Screamer unit. Boo. All my Horrors and Fateweaver shot up his 16-strong Daemonette unit, the dice-gods frowned and 4 of them survived...despite having been Enfeebled, failing their Warpflame check, and Soulblaze was immediately extinguished by Slaanesh's smothering hugs and kisses and inappropriate touches.

The Horrors peeking out from behind the Reichstag died to LoC and FW, the ones top-middle (actually closest to his Birds) survived, and ran to the top-right objective late game). 

The Nettes and Plagues went in to my Horrors, who stood up to them well, I think 3 or 4 survived! His last DP couldn't finish off the Grim'd Invis'd squad. The unit of 10 Daemonettes started grinding down my full Screamer squad...their higher I and WS helped them come out on top.

I charged his last Prince with my own, and charged the Spawn and Fatey in to his Plagues. I hoped my Screamers would hold out against his Nettes. I challenged with my Prince, he couldn't refuse which kept my Grim guy alive. I'd hoped this fight would last until his turn, but I blew up his Prince (who'd taken a handful of wounds from Screamers), and consolidated away. Fatey and the Spawn won the combat big, but not before my Horrors died...I think he had just a few Plagues left after Instability.

Sadly my Grim and Screamers were still in charge range of his LoC, who came down and killed them, while Fatey flew off the board. His Daemonettes sadly finished off my other Screamer squad and Herald...ouch!

So I took my boss Prince (he'd killed all three of Sean's Princes at this point!) in to those Daemonettes, killing them off, but I lost the scoring I needed. Fatey and the Spawn Formerly Known As Prince finished off the last of Sean's troops. While all this had gone on, my other Horror unit sat quietly in some ruins, and the Portal had made two units of Daemoenttes that I'd run to objectives on the other side of the Table. Sean deftly brought Fateweaver on, Vectorstriked one of them, then shot it dead; while the LOC flew over and shot down the other. The game ended here...I had a 2-pt objective, and a 3-pt objective, First Blood and Linebreaker, and 6 kill points for 13 total; Sean had no objectives, but 10 total kill points (2 spawned Nettes; 2 Horror units; 2 Heralds; 2 Screamer units worth two each for being Fast...). A close game, very fun with a lot of singing (at least on my part!) and dancing and ogling! It's noteworthy that Sean went 4-1 at the tourney with his list...he tended to almost always take Flickering Fire on the DPs and avoided melee with them (whereas I did the opposite, foolishly charging whatever I could whenever I could!). This served him VERY well, and really I think only the horrible Shriek rolls saved me in this game.

The final game for Day 1, and I FINALLY got to play my good friend Matt Kish from Long Island. I'd met Matt many times at many Tournaments, and we got to be good friends after our teams mutually blew about $400 at the doubles charity tournament at Templecon last year! He's a great guy, a great player, and I'm really glad to have gotten to play him.

Matt was running Grey Knights with Eldar Allies:

10 Paladins (budget...just 4 Psycannons)
10 Strikes (psybolt)
4 Acolytes in Psybacks
20 Guardians (2 ScatterLasers)
and 5 Pathfinders
All this hiding behind an ADL with Quadgun

This was a matchup where I really felt the Powers I rolled were going to define how things went. I really needed Iron Arm on somebody so I could project some power on the Paladins; and I really needed 2++ on the Screamers or all his shooting would just explode them.

I did pretty well in that regard, getting 4++ on the Grim Herald; 4+ FNP, Invis, and Iron Arm on a DP. The other DP had garbage.

I won the roll, and really wanted to go last (this army is really good at it!), and felt I could stay out of range from his relatively short-range shooting first turn, so had Matt go first...and then began exercising my old-man peanut bladder...I'd been pounding water and gatorade all day to stay hydrated, and it all hit now. I literally had to run to the bathroom 4 times during this game. Sorry Matt!!

He used his cool Grandmastery Strategem thingie, which I'd forgotten about, and handed out Scout candy to everything that mattered...I started frantically measuring to ensure that I'd still be out of range of first turn shooting, with all my toys clumped up in a tiny corner of the table...then decided I'd deploy a unit of Horrors instead of having them come on later, and forgot about measuring for range for them, so left them in a BAD spot!

Matt scouted forward, infiltrated the Eldar snipers, and started the shooting!

He'd combat-squadded the Strikes and Paladins, and was able to get one combat squad from each in range of Horrors, as well as the quadgun. The Horrors went to ground, but all died except one guy that was up in the corner of the ruin that the Grey Knights didn't have line-of-site too....but the Snipers did...5 shots, 4 hits...and 0 wounds! Phew!!

Note the Horrors mindlessly flung forward where they can be blown off the table first turn...
Matt's aggressive movement to mid-table got him really close, so in true mindless Bob fashion I countered by making my own aggressive move right at him...I had Invisibility on one Screamer unit, and 2++ on the other, I thought I was in great shape! I did some Slash Attacks on some guys, but no real damage. I was trying  to focus on half of his GK, and ignored one half of his things, hoping to keep half of his Grey Knights from shooting at me by being out of range and stuck in melee. My hope was that I'd get the Iron Armed 4+ FNP DP with the S8 AP2 attacks in to a Paladin Combat Squad and explode it, so was using the Screamers as bait, really. I don't think it was the greatest play in the world, especially in hindsight...

...because I'd forgotten his Farseer had the Ignores Cover power, so his Scatter Lasers and Quadgun blew the hell out of the Invisible Screamers, and Strike Squad finished them off. The Coteaz-led Combat Squad assaulted the 2++ Screamers...nothing happened.

I went crashing down on one side...
I did some Vector not-so-good Prince went one way, going over the unengaged part of his line and leaving one Strike alive; Fateweaver went over the guys that had killed off my Screamers, finishing them off with a Flickering Fire, and my buff Prince went in to the Paladins fighting the Invuln Screamers...and Coteaz challenged, I had to accept, and punked Coteaz, but did nothing to the Paladins.

Matt's third turn, his Psybacks and Paladins brought down the not-so-buff DP, which was fine as this kept them out of position for a turn. He tried to move the Guardians forward, but was stymied by bad DT rolls on his ADL. My Prince fighting the Paladins...who I expected to ROFLstomp them, managed two unsaved wounds that only killed guys that had been wounded by Screamers...sigh...

My third turn, reserves start coming on. I'd been concerned about Warp Quake and Coteaz stuff, so walked on my reserve Horrors...I put one of them off to the right (where they'd be out of LOS to his Paladins, and all but 2 Psybacks), the other I mindlessly put in the left corner, where they had nothing to do (as I already had a Horror tucked in a corner holding that objective. Fateweaver thought he was cool with his Ignores Cover power, and threw 4d6 shots at the Guardians expecting to obliterate them, but I'd forgotten their 4++ power (do you see a trend of me forgetting things here? Don't gets worse!). He did manage to drop a Scatter Laser, anyway! The Warpstorm chart smiled on me...I rolled a 6 and 1, and since I hadn't used Fatey's reroll yet and didn't see much need for it in my turn, I used Pat's trick and rerolled the 1...and got a 6, generating 14 new Daemonettes! I struck them down on an objectives...a much needed troop choice since I'd wasted one of mine! My Prince was finally able to get some damage output and killed the last of the Paladin Combat Squad...which I'd of course hoped would happen during his turn, not mine, so I could avoid getting shot to death...

But in Matt's 4th turn, he fired all he had at the thing, with T8, 3+ rr 1s, 4+ FNP....he took no wounds.

I have no idea why I hid those Horrors from myself...
Bottom of 4, I flew Fateweaver off, threw Screamers in to the other Paladin squad. Horrors took down the last Strike guy, DP Vector Striked the Paladins for nothing and Invisibiled himself.

Turn 5, and Matt again failed miserably to get his short-ranged guardians moving. He used his Run move to get several in range of the Daemonettes, killing a few but unable to apply any real power. He did a fun move to deny me an objective by parking two Razorbacks on it, but he couldn't get the objective himself.

Bottom of 5, we were all hungry and time was short, so talked thru a few things. We decided to play it as though it were last turn after talking thru iterations of going to turn 6...we confimred the 2++ went on the Screamers, and my Herald zipped over to contest the one objective Matt had, and called it good

Paladin bashing continues, while Heralds hide...I should have left them in the squad, exposing them was pointless and potentially horrible.
I had 2 objectives, First Blood, and Linebreaker. This was Big Guns, so Matt got a point for killing my Prince, and we talked thru how likely it would be for him to get linebreaker so he got that point too. 8-2 win!

So ended the first day! A very lucky 3-0, with 2 games to go. There had been a draw earlier, so there were three 3-0 players and a 2-0-1. The other top were: all drop-pod Space Wolves; Tyranids; and an 18-model Paladin army.

I didn't like my chances against any of them. :(

We all stumbled out of the place late, got to a fun burger/beer joint, ate a Bacon Cheeseburger with Duck Fat Fries, Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, and Deep Fried Pickles (They made me eat them...I hate pickles!) I had a great time hanging out with everyone....but something that tends to happen often, the music was CRANKED and we could barely hear each other! Oh time we'll ask them to turn it down! :)

The next morning I thought we had to be at the place at 9...I rolled out of bed after 8, my iPod battery died, so no alarm. I jumped in the shower, dressed, and ran to the shuttle...waited and waited, didn't get to the place until about 10 after 9...and found that it didn't start until 10. Sucks I missed out on some sleep (I need it!), but there was time to walk for breakfast!

Got some more Dunkins (I'm really liking their Hot and Spicy egg, bacon, and cheese thing they've got going now) and went back to face off with...

Grey Knights! Dan's list was "minimalist" to say the least, consisting of:

Vindicare Assassin
10 Paladins (with everything including the kitchen sink...Psybolt, 4 Cannons, Banner, Apothecary)
two Solo Paladins (with Hammers)
2 Dreadnoughts (Psybolt, Autocannons)
and a Dreadknight (Incinerator and Teleporter)
all this behind an Aegis with Quadgun

Dan was very professional and a stand-up guy...I had a lot of questions about the Vindicare (knowing the gist, but not the details) so he graciously went thru the book's entry with me to make things clear. The mission was Vanguard deployment, 5 objectives (nova-style placement...or at least that's how we played it) and Kill Points at the same time. I rolled few good Powers or Rewards, but did manage Forewarning.

I thought long and hard, and decided that for Objective purposes I needed to have Dan go first. So he set up, which took about 12 seconds....Assassin infiltrating, and a Solodin Deep-striking.

So, it being night-fight, I tried to set up so that he had no good shots with the Assassin (knowing he'd try to kill off the Grimore Herald if he could). I shoved a unit of Screamers forward (to help control where the Assassin went), hid the others as best I could (the Grim Herald actually being completely out of LOS). FMC spread out a bit to keep the Assassin in front of me and to stay at max range of his Autocannons while out of range of the Paladins. He put the Assassin down with a shot at the Portal Herald, and I chose not to try to Seize.

Yummy Hot & Spicy Wrap! 

That Assassin has to go!

He ran things straight ahead; Dreads shot at Screamers, killing several Pink...the dreaded Assassin fired at the Portal Herald, hit, and failed to wound. I had a 2+ cover from Ruins, so wasn't sweating it too much anyway.

I then began a series of brainless maneuvers. My game-plan, most assuredly very transparent to my opponent, was to get the Palablob stuck with 2++ Screamers while my DPs ate the rest of his army and my troops are uncontested and win. The broadstrokes of the plan were sound, but the devil's in the details...

First I had to deal with that Assassin though...I had 4 Screamers alive to do something to it with. I had a choice between trying a 7" charge, or doing Slash Attacks...with the former, I had about 50/50 to get the charge off, but doing Slash Attacks do 2 unsaved wounds on average...another roughly 50/50 to make it work. I went with the Slash attacks, decided that his odds of killing the Grim guy really weren't all that great (50/50 to wound, then a 4+ cover save), and doing the Slashes left the Pink Screamers less vulnerable. Lucky for me, the Assassin did take 4 wounds, as math-hammer predicted, and he failed 2 saves...then I learned about the FNP, which he luckily (for me!) failed both of anyway. Phew!

So that threat was removed...I'd sadly failed the Grimoire for the turn (even with reroll!), so had moved that Screamer unit to be about 30" away from the Paladins...hoping to not get too abused! The FMC had all flown off to one of his flanks, where I'd hoped they would threaten Dreadnoughts and Knight while Paladins were wasted killing off Pink Screamers. Fateweaver dropped that Beam power at S9 down a line of Paladins, killing off 2 and wounding a third. Woot! I'd dropped the portal, it scattered about 8 feet and landed all the way on his side of the table.

Instead of doing what I wanted him to do, Dan separated Draigo off from the Paladins and charged him in to the Pink Screamers, the Paladins and Dreads shot up a DP, leaving him with 1W left, and Draigo of course punked the unbuffed Screamers.

So this turn the Grim actually works, so I zip that unit right up in the Paladins' collective face. The wounded DP files off the table, hoping to do something constructive later. The "good" one with Iron Arm and 4+ FNP assaults one of the Dreads, while Fateweaver lurked where he could fly off next turn or stay on for Shenanigans. My Prince, no surprise, wrecked the Dread, it exploded, wounded a Screamer, and I failed his 2++ with reroll....beginning a disturbing trend. The Portal made some Daemonettes for me...

This is not going according to plan at all!
So Dan once again was smart enough (and I was dumb enough) to not do what I wanted...instead of letting me charge the Screamers in to the Paladins next turn, he charged them with Draigo, while the Paladins and Dreadnought killed my "good" Prince, and his Knight shunted over to an objective. He also deep-struck his Solodin on to yet another objective. The Knight barbecued most of the Daemonettes that the Portal had spawned.

This is not going according to plan.

So I continue to do bad things. His Quadgun is unmanned, so Fateweaver Swoops over to man it...I had no reason to, really...I ended up not even shooting it. The Screamers (who had done 2 wounds to Draigo already!) got 2++ again; Warthog head flew back on, and tried for lucky Vector Strikes on a Solodin...but failed. I tried to Flickering Fire him from Horrors nearby, but failed. Psychic Shriek did a wound, that was nice. I did another wound to Draigo, but forgot to roll for the Portal. Fateweaver tried to do some Tzeentchy bad things to the Paladins again, but failed (one power Denied, another failed). I forgot to do anything with the Daemonettes being cooked by the Knight.

Dan debated between dropping Fateweaver with his Paladins, or saving Draigo. He chose to go save Draigo, so charged them in to the Screamers. The Knight finished off the Nettes, the Dread killed my last Prince, with some Solodin help (he was grounded by one's Storm Bolter). The Screamers failed two 2+ saves with rerolls, but did another wound to more left!

My inability to focus on the game was somehow transferred to my camera...

Getting down to end-game here, and I'm not feeling horrible. I have the Paladins where I want them; his DK is scoring, but likely to stay put so he doesn't get stuck off the objective; I have 2 units of Horrors in position to get on objectives (the third mishapped, and was stuck in nowhere land), and Dan had 2 solodins...if I could kill one, and contest 2 objectives (having Horrors, Portal, and Fateweaver with which to do this), I can win.

So my Horrors go to shoot and charge the wounded Solodin, and Fatewaver goes in to the other. All of Fatey's shooting is ineffective, as is the Horrors'. The Horrors fail their charge, but Fateweaver makes it in, takes two wounds to the face, but passes both saves (they would have ID'd him...big gamble!) with a reroll from Precog, then smashes, and with the rerolls does two wounds to the Paladin, who fails one and is insta-gibbed. Fatewaver turns around to face the Dreadknight's way so he can swoop that way next turn. I forgot to roll the Portalglyph. Also this turn, I rolled an 11 for Warpstorm, which after the random-ness turned a Paladin in to a Herald of Khorne (I don't know why I chose Khorne, other than wanting to use my Beastlord model I had for this case! Slaanesh probably would have been better to run like hell and do constructive things!

The last Solodin, with 1 wound left, think it's better to charge than be charged, charges in to my 10 Horrors that had failed to charge him...11 attacks, 6 hits, 3 wounds, and 1 failed save later the Solodin is dead and I'm up 2 objectives to 1!

All I have to do this turn is move and run Fateweaver to contest the objective the Dreadknight is holding, keep the Paladins tied up, and I win 2 objectives to none, and I have First Blood and haven't bled Kill Points too badly!

So I start my moving, and realize I'd forgotten to cast Screamers weren't going to be able to hold up the Paladins, and I was the stupidest person on the planet.

Still, if it ends on 5 I'm in the same boat, so I soldier on...Horrors move to claim an objective, Fateweaver does his job and gets in to contesting range, Grim goes on the Screamers, who do ok until the Hammers swung...they finished off Draigo, but between hammer wounds and DI, I was left with 1 single wound on the Grim Herald.

It does not end. Short version, he kills off the portal-glyph, the last Tzeentch Herald, the spawned Khorne Herald (which I could have easily moved to be out of LOS); I Glide Fateweaver to contest his one objective, and it ends up a tie...I bled killpoints badly that last turn. I was completely demoralized by having so adroitly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Still, I hadn't lost, so wasn't out of things completely. As it turned out, the top three records were all 3-0-1 at this point, which is interesting and in my opinion a lot of fun! Standings in Battle Points were a mystery as well: I like the surprise thing going in to the end game, lots of fun! :)

So, despite a non-win, I'm on the top table vs. an army I had no real plan for dealing with: all drop-pod Space Wolves!

2 Wolf Priests
Rune Priest (took Divination)
2 Wolf Guard squads (loaded with Combi-plasma, in drop pods)
A LoneWolf
3 big Grey Hunter squads in Drop Pods
1 small Grey Hunter squad in Drop Pod
and Long Fangs with Multi-Meltas in a Pod

I rolled great powers/rewards for the Princes, but didn't have Forewarning on anyone. Iron Arm was on all three FMC, both Princes had 4+ FNP; one had re-roll Invulns, the other +1W & IWND.

The mission was Hammer/Anvil with combination Relic (worth 5 points) and 4 other objectives (each worth 3). I won the roll and chose to go first...this way I could get powers up get in good position to threaten squishy MEQ wherever they fell out of the sky.

I deployed. He Seized the Initiative. I said, "Good game!"...this was not according to plan!

His primary target was the Grimoire-toting Herald. I'd deployed awful lazy, and he was pretty vulnerable. He dropped in the Logan-led Longfangs and the Wolf-Priest led Wolfguard units right on top of me, and the Runepriest and his unit came in mid-table.

His first volley from the Multi-meltas did 4 wounds, the first 3 killing Screamers, the next one hit the Herald, who failed his 2+ Look Out I used Fateweaver's reroll and failed it again.

This freed up his Plasma-bomb to aim for a Prince. He chose the one with 4 wounds and reroll Invulns. He had something like 30 total shots, and rolled super hot, doing 26 wounds.

After each volley I just picked up his dice, and rolled super hot too! The Prince survived with 1 wound left after rerolling Invulns and 4+ FNP!

My turn 1, I threw up Powers, put a Prince each in to the Wolfguard units, Slash Attacks and Fateweaver Vectorstrikes killed the Longfangs. I threw down the portal, it scattered back to the middle of my board edge (the skinny edge). I remembered to roll for it every turn this game, but it failed every time.

The Princes were both successful. He accepted the challenge from the first with a Wolf Priest, the Prince wrecked him. The next Wolf Priest denied the challenge, the Prince killed half the unit. Each of his wolf guard got two base attacks, one for Countercharge, one for Logan's special power, and one for BP/CCW (which they don't have, as they had Combi-Plasma). Despite this huge amount of attacks, I took no damage.

Top of 2, and he gets an empty pod (the small GH unit was walking on) and two GH units in Pods. Lots of shots at Fateweaver knock him from the sky, and Logan charges in and kills him. The DP that had not killed a Wolf Priest challenged, the Priest refused, I did enough wounds to kill off the squad and the priest, and consolidated out to get in range to charge some newcomers. The other squad got extra attacks from Logan again (thought it should have lasted only one Player turn), but took no damage.

All set up to be seized upon!
Bottom of 2, the un-engaged Prince moves to assault the recently arrived Grey Hunters; Screamers do slash attacks on the other (I do 4 wounds, he removes 3 models...I let it go). Horrors take some shots too, doing enough wounds to force a Morale check, which was passed on a roll of a 9.

Parrot-head, with 2 wounds left after having passed an IWND roll, assaulted the full Grey Hunters. He killed 5, my opponent removed 4...I asked that he remove all 5, he said he I pointed out that 6 remained from a unit of 10. The 5th model was then correctly removed. The Prince took a wound, back down to 1 left! This squad broke, and was stuck.

Warthog-head, fighting 4 Wolfguard still, chose to Smash...I was thinking I'd rather finish them off during his turn...I killed 2, they broke but I caught them. In retrospect, I should have just swung away and tried to kill them all...I thought I was too far from Logan, but alas...

This is not going according to plan at all!

Top of 3, his Lone Wolf turns out to be much closer to the Horrors I'd dropped in than I thought (I should have measured...lazy) so is able to tie up a Horror unit...I boss all 3 saves and do nothing back.

As hinted at, Logan gets a solid Difficult Terrain move, and is able to assault Warthog head. I challenge, and roll 5 wounds! He rolls a Straight...1, 2, 3, 4, 5...I complimented his Yahtzee skills, and he notes two wounds taken on Logan. Logan does a wound back.

The two Grey Hunter squads and the forest of Drop Pods fire at Screamers, knocking several down, really thinning out the units.

Parrothead killed off more Grey Hunters in melee, they broke and actually got away!

Despite having only 1w left, I tried to roll Endurance on Parrothead...I wanted the IWND. I rolled snake-eyes. I asked if FNP worked on Perils, and was told by opponent no, otherwise he'd be using it all the time on his Tyranids. I did not ask the TO or consult the FAQs. So, Parrothead died.

Screamers and Horrors finished off all but 3 of the Grey Hunters that had dropped in 2nd turn. The survivors passed Ld on a 9, this time we consulted the rule book to find they are indeed Ld8, so they ran. I got in another Horror unit, placing it deep in his deployment zone where I could shoot at his 5-man GH that had walked on, and did nothing. Warthog head did another wound to Logan, and I was told he had one wound left. Screamers assaulted the fleeing Grey Hunters, who passed morale but were killed. His Lone Wolf had 3 attacks against the Pink Horrors, we consulted the book there too, as he only has 2.

Top of 4, he shot at Screamers a lot again, as well as the Herald I'd split off. The Herald passed a LOT of cover saves, and survived. Logan passed all his 3+ Invulnerable saves, staying alive having suffered 3 wounds. The 5-man Grey Hunters shot at my Horrors, killing a few.

Bottom of 4, I did some vain Slash Attacks, hoping the Grey Hunters with the Rune Priest at mid-table would it was they were on an Objective and the Relic, putting him up handsomely on points...but they did nothing (only a handful let at this point anyway). I got misfortune off on Logan, who finally failed his 4th wound and was removed. For no good reason, I charged my 8 Horrors in to his 4 Grey Hunters, and lost horribly, leaving just the Champ alive after DI.

Top of 5, with plenty of time to go on to later turns, the last big GH unit fires in to Screamers, doing a few more wounds, while Pods shoot at Horrors just because. The Lone Wolf pillow fight continues. The Horror champ that had tried to be heroic died, having done nothing in melee to the GH. Warthog head fluffs badly, only kills 1 Wolfguard, who breaks but is caught.

Bottom of 5..he's got 2 objectives, First Blood, Warlord, and Relic; I have 1 objective and Warlord. I moved Screamers to contest both objectives, and gain Linebreaker. Warthog finally kills the last Wolfguard.

I'm in a decent spot if the game goes on...but no, I roll another 1 and it ends, 7-5. A very close game, one that made me think far more than I was capable of!

Well, being top table, the winner took Best General with a record of 4-0-1. As it turns out, Dan with the 18-model Paladin list won his last game also for 4-0-1, but was edged out by my final opponent on Battle Points. There was also a Best Overall based on combination of Battle Points, Appearance, and Sportsmanship, this was won by a beautiful Iyanden army that went 4-1...sadly I didn't get to see much of the composition of the army other than two Wraithknights. My friend James Mahood won best appearance with his beautiful Ultramarines. All final results can be found here.

Overall this was a fantastic event. Every participant in the 40k tournament was awarded $50 in 'tickets' to purchase merchandise at the Conn (I bought a Millenium Falcon for X-wing!), the bottom 5 or so were given a fun Axis & Allies starter set. My opinion, as a lecherous ogling dirty-old-man, it was worth the price of admission just to for the scenery!

Yeah, I'm bad, I know. But I liked it!

Thanks to Brendan and his wife for putting together a wonderful event! I really had a blast and will definitely be going back next year! I highly recommend this event to anyone anywhere near close to this. One mildly negative thing...we were the lowest tier of geek in the place! Even the middle-aged tubby guy wearing pink tights, a tu-tu, flip-flops and pink hair looked down on us!

So next year, I'm going in costume! I figure I can wear a black Howgarts robe, a red and yellow scarf, apply a lightning scar to my forehead and carry a wand...and I can be Old Fat Harry Potter!

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