Friday, June 7, 2013

Killadelphia preps continue!

I've been making progress on the painting...more accurately I've been putting my female slaves to work painting for me!

I love you, Mrs. Ordo!

While my wife slaved furiously doing the trim and details on my Soul Grinders (she's far more adept at that than I am!) my daughter has been doing basecoats on the Flesh Hounds! She's so awesome and fun to paint with, and does basecoats better than I do! I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend all the models will be done, and I'll be doing the skull bases, which should go pretty quickly...then mounting all these fiddly things and find some way to transport them!

Mrs. Ordo Bob slaving away...paint faster, woman! And make me a sandwich!

So I've pretty much settled on a list, I don't think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread (the meta has swung so far to the anti-infantry-horde side that this is bordering on suicide!) but it does a lot of unexpected things, and I'm pretty comfortable with it now. Here's the latest and greatest:

Herald of Slaanesh (Steed, Greater Reward, Lesser Reward, Locus of Beguilement)
Herald of Tzeentch (Disc, Exalted Reward)
Three units of 10 Daemonettes
Two units of 10 Horrors
Two units of 15 Flesh Hounds
15 Seekers
Two Soul Grinders (Slaanesh, Torrent)
Soul Grinder (Nurgle, Phlegm)

Things work pretty much the same as earlier iterations, but I've replaced the Fiends with the Tz Herald. He starts with Horrors, puts Prescience on something, Grimoire's something (Seekers!), and can do late-game contesting stuff as a jet-bike. I'm still not sold on the Grimoire (I KNOW without any shred of doubt that it will fail me at the most crucial time!) but I'm committing to trying it...and I refuse to spend the 300pt Fateweaver tax to go from 1/3 failure to 1/9! I figure I can do it on a unit before it moves, if it fails I can rework the plan and run them away and try plan B...hopefully I have a plan B!

Here's some shots of the Grinders, nearing completion:

Slaanesh guy number 1...all the Slaanesh claws on the Seekers and Daemonettes are that blue color, I wanted the Grinders to match. He needs eyes, mouth....I guess overall face work and whatever touchup I can find where I colored outside the lines.

Second Slaanesh guy. Same as above!

Guess which Chaos Power this Grinder is dedicated to!? Yes, that's right, the Rust God!
 Having just made the decision to switch up to the Tzeentch Herald, I dug around in boxes in the basement to find my old Chaos Champion of Tzeentch! I found him in 3 parts in 3 different boxes...yeah, I'm that organized! I'd used a pin to allow the rider to come on/off the disc for storage, so that was ok, but the top of his halberd had snapped off (this has happened a dozen times, I think!) I got out some liquid green stuff and my zap-a-gap, and got ready for round 13 of the repair job...I went to squeeze the glue, and nothing came out...I squeezed a little more, and nothing came out. I stopped, tested it on some paper towel, got a little glue to come out...not clogged, as air was moving when the bottle was upright. Went to apply it to the model a third time, squeezed, and the partial blockage let go and about a tablespoon of super glue douched down the model. I tried sopping it up as best I could, but the short version is, the model is pretty much ruined. He wasn't SUPER great paint job, but I liked it. Now his back and front are superglue below. Very sad.

My most humble apologies, Firey Tzeentch Captain!

His back looks awful now :(
 That guy will have to do for Killadelphia, if it's something I want to continue using I'll paint up the new Herald on Disc that I've never even assembled...

In non-gaming news, my 9-year old Bobby has earned his Purple Belt at the MMA school he attends. He's now able to help teach the little kids (5-7 year olds), and LOVES that role! Very proud Daddy....not only seeing him succeed and learn for himself, but to seek out a leadership and mentoring role: VERY awesome! I love you, Bobby!

"Mr. Dave" and Bobby getting his new belt sorted out.
 And I've discovered the joys of artery-clogging cheap food at Denny's. Not only do they have a super cheap value menu full of things that are horrible for next to nothing, but they recently had a Bacon fiesta (I don't remember what they called it...Bacon-palooza or something) with lots of interesting dishes featuring Bacon.

Including Bacon desserts...

It's yummier than you can imagine!

...I tried a Bacon Maple Syrup Sundae. It was about as awesome as it sounds. My heart may never recover, and my doctor immediately emailed an appointment for labwork for cholesterol level review, but OMG was it awesome.

Some random thoughts before I end this...Tau are WTF broken.

Yeah, I'm whining. Yeah, they've been nearly unplayable for years, and I'm happy they have a Codex they can use.

But seriously, WTF?!?!

For those of you that haven't played against a really competitive Tau list with an Assault-based army, let me tell you how it works.

You move across the table, and the missiles and burst cannons and Ion Accelerators do about 30 wounds.

You then move to assault, the entire army overwatches you, the markerlights have their overwatch on key units hitting better than in their shooting phase, and your assault units are reduced to next to nothing. At this close range, Kroot are firing 60 S4 shots per unit...Fire Warriors are effectively each armed with a Heavy Bolter.

What few models you have survive the overwatch hit a layer or two of Kroot bubblewrap, which they kill, and next turn they are destroyed as the Etheral hands out triple-shots for 50 points, and then the SMS go in to clean-up mode shooting all the fancy cover-reliant deckchair units you have off the objectives from across the table and you wonder WTF just happened.

Yeah, I'm bitter. :)

So if I were to come across a thousand bucks or so, I think I'd look at something like this:

5x 6 Fire Warriors
18 Kroot
3x 9 Pathfinders
Hammerhead (Longstrike, Submunitions, Blacksun Filter, SMS)
3 Broadsides (HYMP, 5 Missile Drones)
3 Broadsides (HYMP, 5 Missile Drones)
3 Crisis Suits (2 Fusion Blasters each; 1 Drone Controller; 2 Target Locks; 6 Gun Drones)
3 Crisis Suits (2 Fusion Blasters each; 1 Drone Controller; 2 Target Locks; 6 Gun Drones)
3 Guardian Jetbikes
Total 1999

Maybe not the best Tau list around (Skyhammer probably beats this...maybe) but I love it for it's sheer anti-infantry killing potential and for being virtually un-assaultable. Fun stuff!

Anyone played vs. the new Eldar yet? Wave Serpents are to be feared!

Have a great weekend!

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