Saturday, April 20, 2013

My how time flies!

I really feel low for not having written anything lately. I really enjoy writing my walls of text and battle reports, and I've had lots of thoughts on new Daemons, Hail Caesar, and non-gaming stuff that I've wanted to write, I've simply not made time!

So, I've got a little time, and stuff on my mind...

First, some non-gaming gibberish.

Gun control. CT has passed some new gun control laws. Having just been hit with an incredible tragedy, CT felt they should set an example and enact some strict gun control laws. Fine.

So what do these new laws do?


There are more stringent requirements for gun purchasing and registration. Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are not allowed to be bought....but if you already own them, it's ok, you're just not allowed to put more than 10 bullets in them.

As a parent of kids in schools literally right next to Newtown, I'm offended by these laws. They DO NOTHING. People that commit violent crimes with guns ARE NOT LEGAL GUN OWNERS. I don't care if the psycho twat shooting at my kids has to pause for 3 second to slap in a new clip.

When are we going to put aside the political correctness that's preventing enacting (or even discussing!) mental health care reform and take action that will prevent psycho twats from having these opportunities...with guns, knives, baseball bats, or windows?

It's cliche, but guns don't kill people, people kill people. Fix the people, not the guns (or hammers, letter openers, machetes, or gasoline).

Enough of that.

How about those new Daemons?

Frankly, I'm not impressed. I think they're a fun dynamic army that will squash some matchups, but the bottom-line is shooting is the dominant force in this game, and Daemons are a melee-power army. I've struggled to come up with a "take all comers" tournament-worthy army, but don't see a list that's really got answers for everything that I can expect to take to a podium (even if I don't play like a chump, which I probably will).

I am going to an RTT tomorrow (the BFS guys are hosting something...I wish I'd posted about it sooner:

Here's what I'm taking, and why:

Slaanesh Herald (Steed, Locus of Beguilment, Greater Reward)

2x 3 Fiends

2x 11 Horrors
2x 10 Plaguebearers
15 Daemonettes
2x 18 Flesh Hounds
20 Seekers (Icon)

2 Soul Grinders (Slaanesh, Vomit)

The Herald is an offensive power-house. I'll almost be taking the Greater Etherblade for her, giving her S5 AP2. The Beguilement Locus has been very effective for me, though I'm still on the fence about the Move Thru Cover locus.

Fiends (according to Adepticon ruling) are -1 to the LDR of Psykers for each Fiend...this can be a significant reduction in effectiveness. Moreover the -5 to Init on the charge can really be potent. Bigger picture, it adds more threats, more things folks need to shoot at. Bad choices...a good thing!

The Horrors I bring just to have a modicum of shooting to help clear out bubblewrap, or deal with things that outflank to try to sneak up on my objectives! They're not horrible, though I'm bitter about how easy it is to shutdown psychic attacks.

Plaguebearers are decent for camping on an objective in terrain, just go to ground for a 2+ cover and hang on as long as possible. They're damned boring, but who wants to waste fire shooting at them instead of the other things running at them to eat them?

The Daemonettes I think can either deepstrike on the Seeker's Icon to support the things zipping forward, or stay back to help protect the backfield. They're backup to AV12/Iron Arm along with the Seekers...Rending doesn't care about your T9, stupid Tervigon!

Hounds. Wow. I'm really impressed with how solid Hounds are. Scout and Beast get them in your face turn 2 at the latest, and they hit hard...AND they take shots pretty damned well! They've not failed me yet.

Seekers die easy. No bones about it. But when you need to put the hurt on something, they're the ladies to do it. So many Rending attacks...and with rerolls to hits...they'll take down whatever they get in to. Getting them there alive is a bit tricky, but when there are so many other threats....bad choices.

And the Grinders. I sure have come to like them! Slaanesh gives them a bit extra to their run and fleet, so they can be right behind the Beasts and Seekers for follow up, or to use there Torrent firepower to clear out bubblewrap. A small bit of Skyfire to keep FMC and low AV fliers honest. They're nice in melee (oh, you only have Krak grenades? Too bad!), the template weapon laughs at things relying on cover saves, AND they draw S8+ fire away from the dogs (and vice versa! Bad choices!).

So, that's the list and my hope for how it works...simple and mindless, run forward as fast as I can, cut thru the squishy stuff with firepower, and assault whatever needs to be assaulted and hope to live!

With me luck tomorrow!

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