Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Why do people think twin-linking is so great against Fliers? Hint: it's not. 4 Twin-Linked shots gets you 1 hit. If you're S8, yeah, maybe an AV11 flier will care...but probably not. If your plan for dealing with enemy Fliers is a few twin-linked Autocannons, your plan is bad. Another hint: most armies don't have a good plan.

Why do some people give army list advice for armies they not only don't know the rules for, but don't even play? If you fancy yourself an internet personality, and someone asks you for list advice on an army you're not that familiar with, politely decline. It's far better than giving out bad information, and may prevent you from looking foolish!

Am I crazy, or does an Aegis Line really excel when protecting vehicles? I mean, doesn't that really kind of double their hull points? Yeah, melta in your face can still get that explode, but only half as often! What if you add in Camo Nets?

Any reason a vehicle can't fire a Quadgun?

How many troops is enough? I mean, sometimes you want to just take the absolute minimum, and actually take the useful things in your book (I'm looking at you, Space Marine!). Is doing that still viable in 6e, where EVERYTHING dies faster?

Non-gaming related:

My heart goes out to the folks being battered by Hurricane Isaac...but those folks that are in need of "rescue" now: why didn't you leave three days ago when they told you to?

Why is some group that has nothign at all to do with the Tour de France threatening to strip Lance Armstrong of his titles? I mean, isn't that about the same as me saying I'm going to take away his titles? I hope he's innocent, but shouldn't the organization that governs the event that he's accused of cheating in be the one to investigate this? If they think he's innocent, why should anyone else care?

My son is starting Linebacker for his 8-9 year old team this year. Go Bobby! 5 tackles his first "game" (scrimmage vs. another team)...awesome!!

My daughter is cheerleading for the same time this year! Go Laura!!

Welcome back to school, everyone!

I'm desperate for Vassal games! If you see Ordo Bob on Vassal, ask me for a game! I really need to nail down if I want to focus on Daemons or Orks for the next few months!

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