Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle for Thanatos Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Tyranid!

This week I got another game in with Sean in our continuing Planetary Empires campaign, The Battle for Thanatos.

We met at 2000 points, each of us using our "tournament" lists...


I used my new hotness, though I've been quite lazy and don't have my two new Venoms assembled yet, so was using Sean's Land Speeders to 'proxy'...

Baron Sathonyx
3 Trueborn (Blasters); Venom
3 Trueborn (Blasters); Venom
3 Wracks; Venom
5 Warriors (Blaster); Venom
5 Warriors (Blaster); Venom
5 Warriors (Blaster); Venom
16 Hellions (one Helliarch upgrade)
Three units each of 6 Reaver Jetbikes (2 Heat Lances)
Three Ravagers (Dark Lances; Flickerfields)

Sean's list is a bit different from most other Nid lists,

Flying Hive Tyrant
4 Warriors (shooty, I'm not sure exact loadout)
A big unit (10?) of Ygmarl Genestealers
Two units of 3 Lictors
3 Small units of 5 Genestealers with Broodlords
a Trygon Prime
and 2 Mawlocs

We do Nova-style games, our primary objective was Kill Points, secondary Objectives, tertiary Table Quarters. Our deployment type was Dawn of War. I won the roll and chose to go first. My drug was +1 favorite one! Then the attack of the blurry washed-out photos began!

I deployed the Hellions and Haemi lurking in some ruins. Sean deployed nothing, with the Mawlocs walking on, everything else flanking/deepstriking/popping-up somewhere nasty.

Turn 1 all my business flew in, everything going Flat Out towards middle table, and the Baron doing pain point games with the Wracks while the Haemi left the Hellions, giving me two pain points on the Hellions to start.

Sean's turn 1 the Mawlocs walked on, and immediately burrowed. I'd thought I'd have a turn to shoot at them before burrowing, but I guess not. No loss.

On my Turn 2 I basically just shuffled things on the left to the right and vice versa, moving everything flat-out to get cover saves from his shooting (he has a lot of mid-Str shooting...a definite threat). I got careless with the Reavers on the right board-edge, as you can see here...they got too close, and were assaultable. (I think I made that word up!)The Hellions started moving more towards middle-table. My plan here was to keep everything central, but not too clumped up. I could take a loss or two from the Mawlocs, then kill them and retrograde away from the Stealers, using the Hellions to kill the Ygmarls when they come on, then pushing to tie on KP and win on obj.

On the bottom of turn 2 the bugs arrived. Both Mawlocs came up in middle table, as I expected. They both tried to get on Reavers...the first scattering on to a Ravager and Wrecking it. The Second managed to only kill one Reaver. The Warriors, all three Genestealers, and the Tyrant came on. The Tyrant walked on from his edge, ready to assault one Reaver squad...while all the other bugs came on the same board edge, where I had Reavers too close waiting to die. Also a Lictor pack came in near middle table too.

Shooting shook a Venom, but nothing else. The Stealers assaulted the Reavers I'd made a mistake with, and wiped them. The Tyrant assaulted another Reaver unit, fluffed his attacks and only killed two. The remaining 4 fled, got away, and zipped towards my table edge.

All going according to plan, I shuffled things around to kill the big bugs, while my last Reaver squad moved to play games with the Lictor pack and the Hellions moved up behind the big church to threaten the center.

My shooting did exactly what it's designed to do, killing both Mawlocs and the Hive Tyrant. I even arranged the finishing blow to one of the Mawlocs to come from the Hellions, getting them Fearless. This successful shooting led to a bit of hubris, however...I shot enough at the Lictor pack that they went to ground. Instead of wisely ignoring them I assaulted with some Reavers, trading the whole squad for 1 Lictor. Boo.

The bugs were dealt a blow, but weren't out of it yet. The Ygmarls showed up in the church, moving to eat the Hellions. The Trygon came in near the church as well, as Genestealers and Warriors moved up behind. The second Lictor pack also came in, and both Lictor packs moved to shoot at vehicles and get to the squishy tasty goodness inside.

The Lictor shooting wasn't enough to bring down a Venom. Other shooting took a Splinter Cannon off a Venom and Shaking it, and I believe I had a Ravager Stunned also. The Ygmarls didn't do too well against the Hellions...I think I lost 4 Hellions and killed 7 Ygmarl, he lost one more to Fearless. The Hellions Hit & Run towards middle table while the Ygmarls sought sanctuary in the church. One Lictor pack assaulted and Exploded a Warrior Venom, and the occupants were Pinned.

I shuffled everything that could move off to the left of the table, away from the Stealers, while the Hellions moved to beat up the Lictors.

Shooting again did it's job, as the Trygon Prime was wounded, another Lictor from the already hurt Pack was killed, and one Stealer squad was wiped down to the Broodlord who had only 1 wound left.

In melee the Hellions ate the squad of three Lictors without breaking a sweat, and consolidated to top middle, ready to start wrecking Genestealers.

Undeterred, the bugs came on, the Trygon Prime assaulting the Stunned Ravager while a pack of Genestealers followed hiding behind the church. The warriors took up position in the ruins of a Ravager. The Trygon however only managed to Immobilize the Ravager, the rest of the shooting doing nothing. The last remaining Lictor assaulted the Warriors from the damaged vehicle, but fluffed badly, only killing one and taking a wound back! He Hit & Ran out of combat back towards some Genestealers.

Top of turn 5, I move scoring Venoms to objectives while lining up shots to get points. The Hellions jump up to finish off the last Lictor and get in to a Genestealer squad.

My shooting continues to do the job, finishing off the Trygon Prime and putting some damage on a unit of Genestealers. In melee the Hellions kill the last Lictor and wipe out the Genestealer brood.

Bottom of 5 and getting low on time, the Tyranid try every trick they have. The solo Broodlord and last Ygmarl move to the middle objective. If the Warriors can shoot down the Venom, and the bugs kill the Warriors, it's a tie on KP and on Objectives. The Warriors fail, and in melee only one Pen is caused, and the Flickerfield save is passed.

We rolled for a turn 6, and it goes on, and the bugs admit defeat and slink off back in to their holes!

I'd lost a 3 Reavers, a Venom, a Warrior Squad, and a Ravager.

He'd lost the Tyrant, 2 Mawlocs, the Trygon, 2 Lictor Packs, and a Genestealer pack. I had 2 Objectives to his 1. In a turn 6, I'd likely wipe out the Broodlord, the last 2 Ygmarls, and have a good chance at the Warriors too (S6 Hellions are sexy!).

 It was a good fast-paced game, slowed only by me constant blabbering about some new Historical gaming I want to get in to. Sean was a good sport as always, despite the horrible matchup. He's always got tricks, I played as conservatively as I could, knowing that he's always going to pull off something that I don't see coming! This time I was able to keep the shooting going and rip apart the big bugs and use the Hellions to fight things piecemeal to keep them alive and relatively undamaged while collecting pain and kill points.

I regret getting the Reaver squad so close to a side edge, I blame the McDonald's I was trying to eat during the first turns! But it worked out alright, so no real worries. One of these days though I've got to get those other 2 Venoms assembled!

This puts me at 10 territories in the Campaign, the amount required for a win. I've got to hold it until after next weekend, then I'll be the victor! I'm anxious to see who will step up to try to stop me! :)

Thanks for another great game, Sean!

In other news, it looks like our club will be starting in to some American Civil War and Napoleonic wargaming. 15mm is our chosen scale. We haven't chosen a game system yet, we're all buying different rules and we're going to review them and pick which we like. I can't wait to paint some Confederate Infantry! :)

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