Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How many Incubi?

My interest in Warhammer 40k has been slightly rekindled recently with the start of the Ordo campaign, me joining an online Ladder, and the proximity of a large tournament in October. I've shied away from Incubi in both the old and the new codex, but am determined now to use them and let the Wyches have a break!

So the question is, how many Incubi are needed?

"Hey, man...nice shoulder pads!"

Message board warriors keep telling me that 7 is too many.

My intent for them is to be a credible threat to MEQ squads, including assault squads, or stand a reasonable chance against an terminator assault squad. I recognize that there are certain unit types they just aren't made for, and that they'll die by the 22-point handful to power weapons, but those are the things I want them to kill. They'll not do too well vs. hordes, though with 3+/FNP stand a good enough chance to shrug off tons of wounds. I think 6 wounds are needed to kill one guy. Assume S4 to T3 that's 9 attacks needed. That's a lot of Boyz needed to kill one little Evil Space Elf!

My ideal is to be able to charge them in to a squad, win combat, but stay tied in to finish the squad off on my opponents turn.

I'm going to assume 7 guys going in, assaulting with FNP.

GH/Assault MEQ:
21 attacks, 14 hits, 7 dead.
2 guys hit back with 6...let's say 8 attacks for Counter Charge...3 hit, 2 wound, 1/3 after saves.
Fist swings, 2 attacks, 1 hit, 1 dead.
Marines lose 7, Incubi lose 2. Marines probably fail, take 5 saves, lose 1 more. Incubi kill the last 2 in melee on their turn, consolidate and run off to kill something with FC.

(As intended, Incubi win, stayed tied up, and finish them off on their turn. I think going in with 6 would be ok, but 8 might be too much.)

Assault Terminators:
I think 3 Shields and 2 Claws is the way most go...might be worth considering 5 shields, or just keep away from them :)
21 attacks, 14 hits, 7 wounds. 5 on shields, 2 on claws. RADCON math: 2 shields and 1 claw die. Claw kills 2, shield kills 1. Tie combat.
Next round: 8 Incubi attacks: 2 2/3 wounds. Call it one on each, shield lives, claws die. Shield guy kills 1 more. Tie combat.
Next round: 6 incubi attacks do 2 wounds, shield dies.

(As intended, the Incubi stand a decent chance to win, though that one's a bit close...still, nice to know they can do it).

I think 'Regular' Marines do about the same as the GH/Assaulty guys.

So, I think 7 is just the right number. They can lose one to explosion or shooting (3+/FNP makes it take a dedicated amount of fire to drop these guys) and still do the job. Even losing 2 they'll still be able to win the fight, though it might drag on another round or two.

I'd love to hear if anyone has any arguments for more or less. Keep in mind they're 22pts each. Maybe dropping to 5 in a Venom is more cost effective? Maybe increasing to 10 for the sheer zealous beat-stickness? Do they need to start with FNP...i.e. is it worth the 50 point Haemonculous? Do they need an extra body or two to withstand the torrent of fire they're sure to endure?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Hm, remember in all your evil calculations that it's a good chance that you'll be going second simply from the lack of grenades :-p

    Otherwise, I think 7 is a good number. People tend to tell me they think 7 is too many, but it's really just about right. Sure, 5 will generally get the job done if you assault a MEQ squad outside of cover, without your vehicle wrecking. Any other conditions make them far less awesome.

    I personally take the Incubi to keep FNP spam honest. Blood Angels can ruin a volume-fire army's day with enough FNP marines- Incubi solve that problem nicely, as well as the Grey Hunter problem, Strike Squad problem... etc :-p