Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Vassal game, another post

I decided that since I can't sleep in this hotel bed anymore, I might as well stay up and play vassal! This time a game against a frighteningly shooty Cygnar army!

I took very poor notes for this game, and sadly the first few screenshots I didn't change the names so I overwrote them...the perils of playing late at night when already exhausted!

So from memory, his army had Siege, 2 Defender jacks (16" range?!), big unit of Trencher infantry with UA and a Grenadier, a Trencher Cannon, a Trencher Master Gunner, Reinholt the Gobbo, and a Squire.

I was using my Legion list: Absylonia, 2 Shredder, Harrier, Seraph, Angelius, Typhon, 3 Forsaken and 2 Shepherds.

I won the roll and chose to go first...though in retrospect since he had more AD than I did I should have gone second...cest la vie!

The battlefield looked like a big Menoth city square with a big raised pedastal in the middle with some big shrubbery around it, causing a lot of mid-field LOS shennanigans. I chose to try to hide behind those things as much as possible, and using my flying to allow me to get in there for concealment as much as possible. I didn't know details about his army, but I understood that everything had a gun and that exposing Absy at all would be suicide. I put down my Heavies near the middle, so I could AM them to either side as needed. He put down his jacks and boss, diagonal across the table from me. I put my AD down near that side, hiding in the trees, and he put down all his Trencher AD stuff across from my Lessers.

I went first, and as planned hid everything in trees for nice high Def, while Absy hid behind some shrubbery. I took a shot at a trencher with Angel, but with Dug In they proved nigh unhittable. I'd moved my heavies up as far as I could without outrunning the Forsaken, which I loaded up to 4 fury each. Absy as usual put Playing God on Typhon, Forced Evolution on Angelius, and Carnivore went on a Shredder.

His first turn and he shuffled forward everything, the Trenchers getting dug-in again and shooting after moving. They did a few wounds to Typhon and the heavy guns shot at Angelius, missing since he was Def 19 on the raised platform (elevation). Other guns shot at the Harrier, leaving him with no Body or Spirt.

I'd really wanted the Harrier to drive in to the Cannon and take it out, but didn't really understand how it worked, so I ended up wasting this. I tried to get a Shepherd up to heal it but was a half-inch short. Absy moved up and slipstreamed Typhon a little closer to the mess of Trenchers, healed 2 points on the Harrier, and handed out some tenacity while saving a Fury on herself in case of a lucky shot over the hill. Right Shredder attacked a trencher and killed it, leaving room for the Harrier.The Harrier charged the Cannon, doing what I thought was enough to destroy it, but apparently it just kills one of the guys. I Sprinted him back behind a building, which was another mistake...though not a big deal. Then the fun stuff....

Typhon advanced up in to the trenchers, and started breathing so to hit one of the Defenders. He did several wounds, and managed to burn and eat a Trencher. Serpah moved up, slipstreaming Angelius a bit closer, and shooting at the same Defender, doing another few boxes.

Then I did a sneaky ploy that I was really unsure of...I ran a Shepherd up forward right behind Typhon. He couldn't suck any fury because he'd run, which was going to leave me hot, but it expanded my ability to force my beasts. This allowed me to do a long-distance charge out of Absy's control with Angelius in to the damaged Defender. I figured this would leave him with only a few trenchers, Siege, and one Defender to shoot, with two of my heavies (Typhon and Angelius) tied up in melee and Absy too far away.

The charge went well, the AP strike left the Defender with 2 boxes, bought another tail strike and boosted to hit to finish it off.

Here's the middle of his turn 2.

He backed a few trenchers away from Typhon, who was glad to eat them as the backed away...this sadly left him not engaged, though, so the pain started. Siege popped Feat and with the Gobbo put two shots on Typhon. Combined with CRA from the Trenchers and I believe the Cannon too, this left Typhon with 2 boxes left. Painful, but not enough. The dice weren't kind to him here, but he would have needed some above average rolling to drop him.

His other Defender charged the Angelius, and combined with the Grenadier left Angel with only a few boxes too.

This is exaclty what my list is made to deal with, so I was quite pleased.

My turn 3 Absy moved up and used her feat, healing Angel and Typhon back to full. Seraph shuffled forward and put several boxes of damage on Siege. Then Typhon lumbered over and started breathing to hit Siege. Two breaths later, Siege was dead. Game over!

I think this was a bad matchup for the poor Cygnar guy. Looked like he was relying on a bunch of Clouds to keep his guys safe, but my eyeless sight blew that plan out of the water. Moreover I was able to get across the table pretty fast and with tremendous range (Angel able to get to something 14" away with ease) he didn't have enough turns to shoot me enough to make a difference. This was the first time I tried to just shoot a caster down, and it worked great. Between the Seraph's d3+1 and Typhon's three heads there's a lot of potential damage coming in.

I have an alternate army in mind...something a bit less finesse a bit more brute force: replace Typhon and Angelius with Carnivean and Ravagore.

The Carnivean is as mean as a Skorne Titan, plus has a Pow 14 SP10 and Assault. His Animus gives +2Arm and any jack or beast hitting him in melee takes d3 damage. So on the charge you take a POW14 Spray, two Pow 16 Open Fists, and a Pow 18 bite initial attacks. I figure with Absy's Carnivore Upkeep giving him +2 to hit in melee (for effective MAT 8) he'll be able to wreck any jack he runs in to. He's also SPD 6, but has a lowly 11 Def...with his animus up he's Arm 20, though. A nice toy for 11 points!

The Ravagore is nearly as spiffy. Instead of the bite and spray, he has a 14" Pow 15 AOE3. He keeps the two Pow 17 fists, too. With a good run on turn 1, and a slipstream on turn 2, he's able to Aim at nearly anything I want him to on turn 2...and when it becomes melee time he's just as tough as the Carnivean (comparable to Titan Gladiator).

I'm really liking these Dragons! :)

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