Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another three months, another post - Aufklarung!

I guess I'm just not much of a blogger...I always have fun ideas to post, but seldom do! Why is that? Pictures!

Some feedback I got several months back said I need more pictures. I agree! My problem, though, is this computer of mine won't see any of the three digital cameras I own! Every other computer...they work just fine...but not mine. So it becomes a big hassle of copy/pasting files from there to here and hither and yon. Screw that, I'm too lazy! just doesn't get done. Bummer...

But a good Ordo buddy offered to bring some of his photography expertise to bear, and I finally got some decent pics of my Flames of War army. The photos are incredible, and reveal a lot of the flaws in my painting...specifically I need to do more detail work on faces.

So here's some shots of my 1000 point Aufklarungsschwadron!

This is the army I've been working on as part of our escalation league. We're about to move to 1250 when I add in some tanks. I had my brain turned off (was actually playing WFB next to the table the photos were being taken on), and forgot to include the Marders in these pics...oh well.

All were painted by priming with white paint and using GW Sepia wash just slathered on. The vehicles then got drybrushed with Kommando Khaki to soften up the orangeness of the wash. After doing one platoon all 'tan', I decided I liked the look of the grey tunics, so the rest of the company is done in an even more ahistorical color schem that would probably make them stand out badly in the desert, but looks nice on the table! The tan-company (2.Zug) had their bases done with a standard wall spackle, but the rest of the army was done with Vallejo's Pumice Base Texture. It's kind of a pain to work with, but gives much better results than white glue and sand, in my opinion!

This is the 1st Platoon of the company, three squads of Aufklarung (MG Infantry) with a Panzerknacker SMG Command Team. Note the sPzB41 armed halftrack. I know these aren't the right halftracks (there are 251, should have 250), but they're so similar who would even care? I sure dont...I think they look pretty decent! Can't see in this pick very well, but all have Afrika Korps symbol on front, and unit ID on the rear (these guys are 111-114).

NW41 Rocket Launchers
These guys are the favorite part of my army. They came out looking really fun, and they're incredibly effective. Their ability to hit on 3s no matter how many range-in attempts is invaluable, and they're dirt-cheap...only 115 points for the three of them! There are very few games where these guys are not the decisive part of my army!

Pak38 Section
These guys are also very fun in the list. They have a high ROF, allowing them to be effective vs. any target. They're incredibly cheap, at only 80 points they're a great bargain. These are the guys I use for ambushes, and to make folks think twice about sending their armour thru an area they're watching.


That's the whole company. I'm particularly fond of the 8-rad Armoured Cars, probably my favorite part of the company...they're always doing something useful and avoiding being destroyed!

The next stage will be at 1250, when I actually get to add in some tanks! A small platoon of three Panzer III L with Schurzen will be replacing the Pak38 section. I'll be sorry to see my little AT guns go, but it will be fun to actually have some tanks for a change!

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